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Chill's Survivor: Pearl Islands

18 Castaways will find themselves stranded on separate islands somewhere off the coast of Panama. Relying only on each other, they will try and survive whatever nature brings. Every few days they will partake in an immunity challenge, with the losing tribe having to vote one of their own out. Only one can win the title of Sole Survivor. 
(Twists will occur throughout the season and idols WILL be in play)

Congrats to Esquiff for winning this season by a vote of 5-2-2!

---------------Previous Results---------------


Sole Survivor - HipposUnite
Runner up - IceIceBaby
Player of the season - HipposUnite

Pearl Islands :

Sole Survivor - Esquiff
Runners up - MariahAnn/ Anoreoz897
Player of the season - Anoreoz897/MariahAnn

18. Maralin
17. Macda27
-------Tribe Switch------
16. SamanthaEvil
15. PeachessNCream
14. FireFlameVG
13. survivor1998
------ Jury --------
12. heatherlum
-------Single Player Swap-----
11. LongedShorted
10. jmain14 (Medically Evacuated)
9. mastropola
8. Sammy1172
7. Lucky17
6. bigbro263
5. EM002
4. XJamzX
--------Final 3--------
2. Anoreoz897/MariahAnn
1. Esquiff

Featured Players 4 playing



Juror #3


Juror #5


Juror #6

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Final Immunity Challenge
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Please Help Me
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4018 days 20 hours ago
Tribal Council #12 - Balboa
23 postsCreated by ChilltownBB7 on 4020 days 18 hours ago
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4019 days 10 hours ago

PollsView All

  1. PI Player of the Season4016 days 13 hours ago
  2. Immunity Challenge #104027 days 19 hours ago
  3. XJamzX 50/504030 days 23 hours ago
  4. MariahAnn 50/504030 days 23 hours ago
  5. Sammy1172 50/504030 days 23 hours ago

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Chill's Survivor: Pearl Islands

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