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Noted for its lowland gorillas and wild chimpanzees, Congo is characterized by dense rainforest and impenetrable jungle juxtaposed against a narrow coastal strip that plays host to a nascent oil industry. Outside the French-flavored capital of Brazzaville, attractions include the surf beaches of Point-Noire, the white-water Congo River rapids and one of the Africa’s largest and least known tropical ecosystems. Wildlife aside, Congo remains a largely unknown quantity to most outsiders, with little tourist infrastructure and a recent six-year civil conflict scaring off all but the most intrepid travelers. But with a pathway to peace in progress and old feuds and disagreements temporarily – or permanently – forgotten, change flickers tantalizingly on the horizon. Below me are two boats, riding towards the great African plains of Congo.

They will be stranded; for the next 39 days, they will be left to fend for themselves. They are from all walks of life, sixteen complete strangers forced to work together to create a new society - while battling the elements, and each other. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted off the tribe. However, this season, there's a twist; or rather, a lack of. This season, we're going back to the basics. With no twists to interrupt the game, how will these castaways fare? In the end, one will remain, and claim the million dollar prize.

39 days. 16 people. 1 survivor!

• Welcome to the viewer's lounge. Here, anyone who is not competing may have the opportunity to discuss current events in Survivor's Survivor Series (yes, I'm well aware that probably hard to say).

• No one else will be allowed to join once the season begins. You can request to join before the season starts, but after that, no one else is allowed inside the Viewer's Lounge. Additionally, contestants who are in the current season are prohibited from being inside the lounge.

• You can talk about anything and everything, whether you're already played, you would like to play in the near future, or you simply want to watch the season fall into place.

• Please do not share any information here with anyone outside of the viewers lounge. Confessionals from the castaways will be posted here, as well as inside scoop from me - so I trust that you will all keep this private. If I find out that you have told anyone information that is in here, you will be removed from the Viewer's Lounge, and depending on the severity of your actions, you will not be allowed to play/return in a future season.

• I expect this to be a fun and active viewer's lounge - if you don't think you'll be invested in the game, don't bother requesting to join!

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