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Welcome to the Viewers Lounge! 

Here you can discuss and watch the current season on what's happening, criticize how their gameplays or strategies are, and etc...

*If you give any information to the current people that are playing as of right now. You will be removed from the group and you will not be eligible to play in ANY of my seasons!

#KabaAye Tribe (Magenta Buffs)
Anthony R. - rawr121 (Croatia)
Kelly R. - Kelly0412 (TI)
Big Joe S. - KingOfClubs (Aruba)
Kool H. - Sebby (TI)
Isaiah I. - immaxyman (TI)
Ella S. - Survivorgame1 (Croatia, All-Stars)
Zach C. - pikachu142 (Polynesia)
Tayvie N. - HighNoon (Boracay, All-Stars)
Ali S. - Ali123Francesca (Polynesia)

#Bupaya Tribe (Gold Buffs)
Peih-Vonne L. - HaydenNicole
Josh M. - MrOrange890
Tom R. - TR1364
Watermelondrea J. - TheEclipse
Gregory S. - DryIceBros
Connor M. - Connor_
Marek F. - marekactor
Glad L. - Gohandd
Jackson “Jax” W. - JacksonWalsh

TTJ's Survivor: Philippines
Winner:  Oliver Z. (ZombieOliver)

TTJ's Survivor: Durban
Winner: Kelly M. (MoooHades)

TTJ's Survivor: Boracay
Winner: Brian C. (cfff)

TTJ's Survivor: Mongolia
Winner: Paul P. (paulmahoney64)

TTJ's Survivor: Croatia
Winner: Mike S. (Survivor8)

TTJ's Survivor: Peru
Winner: AJ F. (jflora8)

TTJ's Survivor: All-Stars
Winner: Connor J. (cjuddy)

TTJ's Survivor: Aruba
Winner: Mike B. (Waggamuffin)

TTJ's Survivor: Polynesia
Winner: Kim U. (Dryerfish)

TTJ's Survivor: Temptation Island
Winner: Fire D. (AlaskanFireDragon)

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Viewer's Lounge (TTJ's Survivor)

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