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BBUK12: Back for More

After 11 successful, dramatic, and unpredictable seasons of BBUK on ROBLOX, BBUK is coming back and better than ever for BBUK12: Back for More! 13 contestants will enter the legendary BBUK house for a chance at winning the game, and making history as the winner of the 12th season of BBUK. Just like BBUK tradition, there will be jaw-dropping twists and unpredictability around every corner!

The format for JJ's style BBUK is simple, the entire house first strategizes and sends in two names of people they would like to nominate for possible eviction. The two people with the most votes will be nominated for eviction, and in the event of a tie, the person with more past nomination votes will face nomination, leaving just two nominees each round. Then, the 2 nominees and 4 other contestants chosen by random draw will be selected to compete in the Power of Veto challenge. The winner of the Power of Veto has the sole power to save someone from eviction, and since there is no HoH, the POV also chooses who is the replacement nominee. Then, the entire house excluding the nominees will vote to evict one of the final nominees, and the person with the most votes to evict will leave the game for good. The POV's vote will only count in the event of a tie. This cycle will continue until the Final 3, where the winner of the 3-part POV competition will be the sole decider on who takes third place. Then, in the Final 2, everyone evicted from Final 9 forward will have a jury vote, deciding the winner of BBUK!

Please note that any of these rules are alterable via twists! Expect the unexpected!

Season 1: Legobatman3609 (6-1 against Mrod88)
Season 2: Sk8tergirl386 (4-4 against 5tanl3y) (Comp Decider)
Season 3: 01Gohan (9-0 against XJessiX)
Season 4: QuaintMii (6-3 against Sickwizard1)
Season 5: Slowpokejay (4-3 against Seecool3333)
Season 6: Hype50 (8-1 against Dazzlingirl968)
Season 7: Erich5643 (6-1 against NoahtheDeathAssassin)
Season 8: Kaleb092009 (6-1 against LuckyAjMan)
Season 9: Seth4217 (5-2 against Popcorn7788)
Season 10: LuckyAjMan (4-3 against NBAisAwesome24)
Season 11: Ricktworick1 (6-1 against Riibbons)
Season 12: (Pending...)

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BBUK12: Back for More

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