Dono's Survivor S5: Aleutian Islands

Credits to Lilly [SammySosaTV] for S5 Logo & S6 Logo!
Congratulations to Stoner [Gaiaphagee] for winning S4: Libya!

For nearly a decade, tengaged has hosted countless fan-generated seasons of the CBS reality show, Survivor. Fueled by passion, and run by some of the biggest Survivor fans on the planet, these group games have proven to be the most intense and mentally rewarding aspect of this reality television driven website. Throughout the years, many talented and dedicated people have carved their usernames into the book of legends. Hosts and players alike, this cultured hallway is now haunted by the ghosts of the past...       

An exciting opportunity to compete for glory awaits! In the ultimate game of social prowess and physical durability, you will compete to become the next sole survivor! These challenges are fresh, and will provide equal opportunity for everyone in the cast. See if you have what it takes!

🌍 Series Overview
S1: Iceland - A Viking Saga | Newz [OldNewz] | 6-1
S2: Peru - Friends vs Enemies | Robby [Robbyjak] | 7-0
S3: Haiti - Rogues vs Righteous | Jake [Lemjam6] | 3-2-2
S4: Libya - The Lost Oasis | Stoner [Gaiaphagee] | 4-3
S5: Aleutian Islands | Name [username] | Vote
S6: The Congo - Kolby vs Dono | APPS OPEN NOW!

👁‍🗨 S5: Aleutian Islands | Episode 6 | Day 16
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔹 Brittany J. [LaFierceBrittany2]
🔹 Harry W. [harrywasnak]
🔹 Julian W. [TheSexiestDude990]
🔹 Kyle W. [RedsKanto]
🔹 Lexey J. [lexeyjane]
🔹 Natalie S. [OhNatalie]
🔹 Nathan X. [nathorix]
🔹 Sag S. [Saginator18]
🔹 Tristyn A. [TMAN54445]
🔹 Zac P. [ZacPed] 🔸 Josh L. [Delete2544]

🎖 Final Placements
[16th] Vincent S. [VinSincent] #Segula | [5-3] | Day 3
[15th] Brendan B. [bwburke94] #Segula | [5-1-1] | Day 6
[14th] Luther A. [Reality_warped] Segula/#Buldir | [9-5] | Day 9
[13th] Felix L. [CharlieBibi] Segula/#Buldir | [9-3-1] | Day 12
*merge & jury*
[12th] Livingston H. [noobsmoke13] Buldir/Buldir/#Rat | [5-4-1¹] | Day 15

¹ - indicates a self-vote.

🎯 Dono's Group Destinations
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[Ep 5] ⟣ Immunity Challenge
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[Ep 4] ⟢ Tribal Council #4: Buldir
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Dono's Survivor S5: Aleutian Islands

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