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117 days 13 hours ago

Name and Initial (You will go by this in game):



How would you describe your play style?:

Who is your favorite Survivor US castaway and why?:

What previous group game experience do you have, if any?:

Why do you believe you should be casted?:

Skype Name (HIGHLY recommended):

***Please MAIL your application to either noobsmoke13, Bvance1212, or RedsKanto in order to be considered!

***If you are a white level, you may post your skype in this chat, or you can say you want to apply in this forum, and we will PM you the application.
117 days 13 hours ago
***After you fill out the application, do not forget to join the group!
116 days 6 hours ago
I would like to apply!
115 days 15 hours ago
apply :)
112 days 22 hours ago
Apps are now closed

open group

LKBvivor: Iraq - Blood vs. Water

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