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Jacob's Survivor: Peru - Incan Empire

Welcome to the first season of JJ鈥檚 Survivor!

After over a 3 year break from group game hosting, I am back with a brand new franchise, fresh new twists and an eager new generation of players.

The first chapter of Jacob's Survivor will take us to the unforgiving terrain of Mexico. Laying on the Tropic of Cancer, Mexico hosts a vast array of beautiful landscapes, being known for both its arid desert plains and its tropical coasts. Hidden away in the south of the country lies the majestically beautiful Montebello Lakes. These 59 multi-coloured lakes are nestled amongst a dense pine forest, and this remote location will serve as the backdrop for this amazing battle. This will be the survivors home for the next 39 days. They must learn to adapt or they will be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor.

39 Days! 16 People! One Survivor!

16th - Nicole B. (Sarahabramowitz724) (Tziscao) 5-2-1
15th - Drew D. (Tester) (Pojoj) 8-0
14th - Matthew M. (Matthew09) (Pojoj) 3-3-1/3-2
13th - Kaitlyn M. (MarthaSpeaks) (Pojoj) 4-2
12th - Jasoi A. (Jasoi) (Tziscao/Pojoj) 4-1-1
11th - Alycia E. (varlto) (Tziscao/Pojoj) Evacuated
10th - November A. (cherishthegirl101) (Pojoj/Pojoj/Rara Muri) 9-1
---------------JURY BEGINS---------------
9th - GP M. (Survivorgame1) (Pojoj/Tziscao/Rara Muri) 7-1-1
8th - Honey B. (honeybunch1) (Tziscao/Tziscao/Rara Muri) 5-2-1
7th - Max C. (mac321) (Pojoj/Tziscao/Rara Muri) 3-2-1-1
6th - Natalie S. (OhNatalie) (Pojoj/Tziscao/Rara Muri) 2-2-1-1/3-1
5th - Victoria W. (VictoriaW) (Tziscao/Tziscao/Rara Muri) 4-1-0
4th - Hufus D. (Hufus) (Tziscao/Pojoj/Rara Muri) 2-2/Tiebreaker
3rd - Nick M. (BluJay112) (Pojoj/Tziscao/Rara Muri) 1-0
RUNNER-UP - James R. (J2999) (Tziscao/Pojoj/Rara Muri) 3 votes to win
SOLE SURVIVOR - Raul S. (MrBird) (Tziscao/Pojoj/Rara Muri) 4 votes to win

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Jacob's Survivor: Peru - Incan Empire

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