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2076 days 3 hours ago
2075 days 21 hours ago
The twists this season are CRAZY. I might have to rethink my stratagy
2075 days 21 hours ago
I might like nick a lot cuz he has a nice smile
2075 days 16 hours ago
I am SOOOO happy to be here,v i love the cast, they are all amazing people, well for now. God only knows how i might look at some of them after this game is over and everyone has blood on there hands lol, but im going to enjoy my time here, even if it might be short. (I hope its not though :P)
2074 days 22 hours ago

Ughhh Well I feel so left out ... I just feel the pressure of the game.... *Crying*

I have no friends in the house

But I am so happy to be here and I am so grateful...
2074 days 21 hours ago
*walks in sits down*
Hey bb just done pov comp I was always second one to awnser right awnser haha
Hope people like me in the house I try to start a conversation and no one talks back to me:(
2074 days 5 hours ago
*Flips weave as I take my seat*
So many fake people in this house... *Camera flashes to MiMi who is looking at Nick*

Uh, Can she like not be here. She is nothing but a raging hormonal bitch who craves attention. I'm too good to be treated like this but whatever *Gets up and leaves*
2074 days 3 hours ago
haven't had a chance to talk much with the other hg. message me or add me on Skype jonsimons90
2073 days 22 hours ago
*flexes* OMG I look so good
2073 days 21 hours ago
This week I am nominated and now I am trying to make an effort to at least talk to everyone and not seem inactive or not wanting to talk to anyone
2072 days 20 hours ago
I don't know what to think right now. With everyone on MiMi and Nick's side, I'm totally on my way out :/
2072 days 20 hours ago
Ayo they could never make me hate you
Even though what you was doing wasn't tasteful
Even though you out here looking so ungrateful
I'm a keep it moving, be classy and graceful
I told 'em it's no friends in the game
You ain't learned that yet
All the bridges you came over, don't burn that yet
N*ggas want respect, but n*ggas ain't earned that yet
Self-righteous, and entitled
But they swearing on the Bible that they love you
When really they're no different from all your rivals
But I still don't wish death on them, I just reflect on them
2072 days 16 hours ago
I am super happy to be here another week!!
BTW America, if you have any interest in Survivor Group Games, than check out Renegade's Survivor Series. He is opening Apps, so apply now!
From personal experience it is a very fun, and he is a great host!!
2072 days 16 hours ago
Okay so toady people want to say that I have final two deals with people and I don't. I think this will be a close vote
2072 days ago
So much drama!
2072 days ago
There are so many rumors going around and I just don't like it.

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