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132 days 8 hours ago
Starting at :15
132 days 8 hours ago
Tonight's Running Order

01) Alvaro Soler
02) Delta Goodrem
03) Lorde
04) Demi Lovato
05) Lil Nas X
06) Taylor Swift
07) Röyksopp & Robyn
08) Metro Station
09) Brooke Fraser
10) Of Monsters and Men
11) Hurts
12) Rachel Stevens
13) Florence & The Machine
132 days 8 hours ago
Rachel Stevens wins
We better go home now
132 days 8 hours ago
didnt know about this!!!!
132 days 8 hours ago
Nobody wants to listen live, so i'll just post the songs in blocks :)
132 days 8 hours ago
just checked, didnt get a mailer!!
132 days 8 hours ago
Deltra Goodrem ------Please be innocent eyes
132 days 8 hours ago
01) Alvaro Soler - 'Sofia'

02) Delta Goodrem - 'Wings'

03) Lorde - 'Supercut'

04) Demi Lovato - 'Sorry Not Sorry'
132 days 8 hours ago
05) Lil Nas X - 'Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)'

06) Taylor Swift - 'Style'

07) Röyksopp & Robyn - 'Do It Again'
132 days 8 hours ago
08) Metro Station - 'Shake It'

09) Brooke Fraser - 'Something In The Water'

10) Of Monsters and Men - 'Little Talks'
132 days 8 hours ago
11) Hurts - 'Wonderful Life'

12) Rachel Stevens - 'Some Girls'

13) Florence & The Machine - 'Shake It Out'
132 days 8 hours ago
All 13 songs have been posted!

Make sure you listen to all of the songs, post your comments, and then send your votes to me.

Please give 12 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 points to your ten favorite songs. If you don't know how to vote, please PM me.

The deadline is 3 PM EST/8 PM BST on Thursday, which is when the results show will be hosted.

Good luck all!
131 days 14 hours ago
13) Florence & The Machine

Hell no! Vade retro Satana! I don’t know how is this song allowed... after what they did to me. I’m feeling very attacked.
130 days 19 hours ago
01) Alvaro Soler – This is a cheery song that brings a positive mood whenever it plays and he has got one of those likable voices that put me in a whole new different mood
02) Delta Goodrem – She has got a great voice and it does show here but I thought the song element was weak especially in the chorus being lackluster
03) Lorde – I am already bored seconds in and this is not good in the slightest with the same melody and lack of passion coming from the singer
04) Demi Lovato – Well the music sucks being the same beat and the sound effects are annoying and she is singing off key and I’m sorry not sorry about this
05) Lil Nas X –They both are good singers and this is refreshing for sure but it doesn’t mix well together sounding like 2 different songs in the end
06) Taylor Swift – She is not bad here being a really forgettable song from someone like her and I would rather forget this has taken place
07) Röyksopp & Robyn – I like the singer and she puts a spin on this but the music is unbearable and I don’t want to do it again with a better song would have been better overall
08) Metro Station – Now this is a gem that I still love to this day because of that infectious chorus and it can bring the house down with the music and vocals
09) Brooke Fraser – This is a cute song that gradually builds up and it does pay off in the end with the melody being a charm I adore
10) Of Monsters and Men – Yes I remember this song and it is an absolute banger with the instrumental having the biggest impact and damn it is impressive
11) Hurts – This feels like a different mood and I am more interested in this song the longer it plays and I am starting to love it more and more with every listen embracing it’s beauty
12) Rachel Stevens – What is this music I’m hearing because it is atrocious and girl you need a better producer if this is the best that you can do
13) Florence & The Machine – They are a talented group and even though it feels like the song drags they manage to make it an interesting song bringing their unique styles
130 days 16 hours ago
1. Alvaro Soler - It’s always weird to remember how much TSC has evolved with their winners. It’s pleasant enough, but it’s definitely not gonna be my favorite in this lineup.
2. Delta Goodrem - Not available in the US. The buildup towards the chorus is pretty nice, but then it kinda loses steam there. It was alright.
3. Lorde - I’ve been meaning to listen to Melodrama, I’ve heard it’s such a great album. It’s very conceptual, and for the sake of this contest, it drags on a lot more than I’d like, especially in the last minute when it could’ve easily ended much sooner. I could see myself being into it, but I don’t think I’m in the mood at the moment.
4. Demi Lovato - Can’t listen to this song anymore without thinking about Yvie and Brooke Lynn. LMAO SHE SAID GAY RIGHTS IN THE CHORUS MAKING STRAIGHTS KISS. It’s a cute little bop.
5. Lil Nas X - His whole career so far has a confusing journey. Ironic how a gay black man made this meme-worthy song that str8s are eating like candy. The song itself is still a MESS though.
6. Taylor Swift - I’m not looking at the dock or anything, but like… really? Taylor has SO MANY better songs than Style. It’s honestly one of the less memorable songs on 1989.
7. Röyksopp & Robyn - Robyn is at least pretty consistent, so I’ll give her that. This was a fun track.
8. Metro Station - I would listen to this song on the bus on my way to middle school every single day. And it’s aged so badly, but it’s still such an iconic song to this day.
9. Brooke Fraser - Would’ve done really well with TSC’s crowd many years ago, but I’m only halfway through this song under 3 minutes and I’m already over it.
10. Of Monsters And Men - It’s amazing how well this song has aged, it still sounds very modern. It’s won regular TSC once already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it won Beta as well.
11. Hurts - I’m not quite sure what to think of this. It feels very TV soundtrack to some documentary, which isn’t really like the fiercest reference.
12. Rachel Stevens - ANOTHER song blocked in the US! Oh my God the production to this is horribly dated and trashy. I can’t handle this.
13. Florence & the Machine - LMAO this entry in regular TSC caused KAOS. I prefer other Florence songs over this, but this is still a solid closer to this contest.
130 days 7 hours ago
01) Alvaro Soler - Gee I wonder who submitted this assuming Nate is playing beta...I don't hate it.
02) Delta Goodrem - Ugh I love this song and it's probably going to win so unlike Arris I'll give this points and make myself possibly lose.
03) Lorde - I mean I generally enjoy this album but I feel like this is such an odd choice. Were all the other ones taken?
04) Demi Lovato - I hate this song so much, it's by far the worst Demi radio single.
05) Lil Nas X - Truly an iconic bop. We stan a gay legend.
06) Taylor Swift - This is honestly one of my favorite Taylor songs. It's definitely in my top 5 and will compete for my decade end countdown.
07) Royksopp & Robyn - I have never been a huge fan of Robyn but it seems like people in the TSC universe truly love her.
08) Metro Station - We love that one time that Miley's brohter had a career for all of ten seconds.
09) Brooke Fraser - I surprisingly don't hate this, I kind of stan 2000s white women music like this.
10) Of Monsters And Men - I'm so very meh on this song and group. It's just kind of ALRIGHT for me. Like not good enough to like not bad enough to hate.
11) Hurts - I LOVE MADONNA!!!
12) Rachel Stevens - This a hot boo boo mess. I cannot believe this charted. I knew it certainly didn't in the US. I kind of support it.
13) Florence & The Machine - Kill yourself.

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