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Survivor's Survivor: South Africa

~* Congratulations to Will C. / CK11, the winner of Survivor: Generations! *~

Welcome to Survivor: South Africa!

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We're here in Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea area. The warm seas of Maldives have high visibility throughout the year, with water clear enough to see the passing fish as far as fifty meters away at times. Add to that the marvelous formation of over 3000 coral reefs and the free flowing tides of the monsoons. The result of these perfect conditions have created one of the world’s richest diving coral reef areas. Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures inhabit the Maldivian waters. Maldivians are quite open to adaptation and are generally welcoming to outside inspiration. The culture has always continued to evolve with the times. Locals still eat fish and fishermen still spend days out at sea, but tourism now takes a standing prominence. Most Maldivians still want to believe in upholding unity and oneness in faith, but recent waves of reform in the country have created a whole new culture of new ideas and attitudes. The effects of the modern world are now embraced, while still striving to uphold the people’s identity, traditions and beliefs. Below me are four boats, riding towards this ancient and breathtaking nation.

They will be stranded; for the next 39 days, they will be left to fend for themselves. They are from all walks of life, twenty people forced to work together to create a new society - while battling the elements, and each other. "I've mastered the art of persuasion and I can read people extremely well.  I'm fairly social, too, so like it or not, I'm probably always gonna know what's going down at tribal.  I serve, spill, AND drink the truth tea." " I over-analyze everything which could be a fault as well but I like to look at all possibilities. I'm also very trust worthy and loyal which causes people to look for me with any dilemma that they may face." "I have the cunning of a tiger, the adaptability of a gecko, and the ass of Jennifer Lopez." They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted off the tribe. In the end, one will remain, and claim the million dollar prize.

39 days. 18 people. 1 survivor!

• Placements
18th. Anthony R. / mastropola [#Anuta] (4-1)
17th. Dan B. / bigbrother101 [#Anuta] (3-2)
16th. Laura S. / Solinne64 [#Anuta] (2-1-1)
15th. Andrea C. / IceIceBaby [#Tikopia] (4-2)
~ Tribe Swap ~
14th. Nick M. / manalord [#Anuta/#Pileni] (5-2)
13th. Matt R. / Matt99 [#Pileni/#Pileni] (4-2)
12th. Ollie G. / MrPokeguy92 [#Tikopia/#Pileni] (3-1)
~ Merge ~
11th. Dinkle M. / DrPepsi [#Pileni/#Tikopia/#Moreho] (5-5-1/4-4/rocks)
10th. Sagar D. / Obscurity [#Pileni/#Tikopia/#Moreho] (6-4)
9th. Sean S. / Renegade628 [#Anuta/#Tikopia/#Moreho] (4-3-2)
8th. Chloe C. / SilentSwordsman [#Pileni/#Pileni/#Moreho] (4-2-2)
7th. Nathan C. / Nathan132 [#Tikopia/#Pileni/#Moreho] (4-2-2)
6th. Ali T. / Ali123Francesca [#Pileni/#Tikopia/#Moreho] (4-2)
5th. Mika M. / MongoMan [#Pileni/#Pileni/#Moreho] (3-2)
4th. Ryan C. / KidA  [#Anuta/#Tikopia/#Moreho] (3-1)
3rd/2nd. Jeremy B. / _JB_ [#Tikopia/#Tikopia/#Moreho] (2 votes to win)
3rd/2nd. Violet R. / Missalice3 [#Tikopia/#Pileni/#Moreho] (2 votes to win)
1st. Will C. / CK11 [#Tikopia/#Tikopia/#Moreho] (4 votes to win)

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