Punk's Big Brother Party

In a big season, the Big Brother Show is having a huge party, and 20 party animals were invited to go. They come inside where they discovered a huge surprise! It was a party for another season of Big Brother and they were all competitors, stuck in a huge party house for  8 weeks. There will be romance, alliances, betrayals and most importantly, competition. With no-one they know, there is nowhere to hide behind the big cameras around the house. They will battle in challenges, through stress and confusion as they go on a huge roller-coaster ride while at risk of getting evicted from the competition. Each week, there is a challenge where two contestants will win invincibility and allows them to save one person each. The rest will be up for eviction, where someone will leave the house and the competition for good. There is also a superpower every eviction, which can change everything!! Last three standing move on to the finale where someone wins the competition after surviving 8 weeks, fighting for the top spot!

8 weeks

20 people

1 Winner


Please Note: An eviction is noted every week, all results for povs are randomized. Please follow this group and apply to compete, the prize will be sent to you if you win this competition.

1st - Winner
2nd -  Runner-Up
3rd - 20th - Evictees

Featured Players 14 playing

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Punk's Big Brother Party

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