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Uzbekistan - Applications

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23 days 17 hours ago
Thanks for your interest in Season 11 of Will's Survivor Gen 3! This season is open to new players who have not yet played Gen 3 before. Since we did in fact have trouble getting apps, I am going to open it up to everyone who wants to play, regardless of which of my games you've played previously. To apply, fill out the following and MAIL IT to me to be considered. If you're a white level and I'm decently confident you're not a multi, drop a comment so I can add you.

Note that this season will have a prize of 500 T for the winner, either as a direct payout or as a gift credit from shops (depending on whether we are approved for funding or not).

Tentative Schedule:

More information will be provided when we get closer to the start date. Also feel free to add me on skype (Joe.Schmoe913) and/or SF37#5039 on discord if you haven't already!

Name (what you want to be called in-game):
Color Level:
Skype and/or Discord (highly recommended):

List any previous group game experience (or just yell at me to look at your profile):

Why would you make a good addition to the cast?:

Fill out the times you'd be available for challenges on most days by marking an "X" below for each one:

5 PM EST [ ]
6 PM EST [ ]
7 PM EST [ ]
8 PM EST [ ]
9 PM EST [ ]

Thanks and hope to host you soon!

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Will's Survivor: Uzbekistan

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