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Will's Survivor: Rules and Regulations

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26 days 10 hours ago
Below are the rules for Will’s Survivor, effective at the start of Season 11. As always, I reserve the right to make judgement calls on anything not explicitly stated here. Read or don’t read at your own risk obviously.

- Will be mainly live, but occasionally non and semi-live challenges
- I will send a check-in mail 5-10 minutes before live challenges begin, but you aren’t required to check in unless it’s an elimination-based game or a challenge where I have to create a separate forum for everyone participating (it just helps me figure out who’s here and playing).
- Times will be determined based on when everyone says they can be available in their app, and will get more flexible once we get to the final 6 or so. I may try and alternate between 1-2 different set times so more people can make it if necessary.
- Most live challenges shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes maximum to do (and I aim for them all to be shorter than that if at all possible).

- Votes are always locked at the voting deadline, even if I don’t read them right then. I will extend the deadline if somebody asks, but not for more than 10-15 minutes. You can change your vote as many times as you want before then and can vote by either mail, skype, or discord if you have me on there.
- Idols will be hidden on the first blog of a random tengaged user and are transferable to another player, but not across tribal lines unless as part of a twist or otherwise specified. Just mail me if you want to give or use your idol on someone else. You claim idols by mailing me a link to the blog -- obviously if you’re not the first to find it I’ll tell you. You cannot transfer idols or advantages during a tie at tribal council.
- Immunity idols are played as usual unless otherwise specified. You can play them live at tribal before the votes are read or let me know you want to play it in PMs ahead of time (I’d strongly recommend letting me know beforehand just to be safe). You may play an idol live up until I have read the first vote at tribal.
- Pre-merge idols will not be re-hidden if played before the merge, and the merge idol will be re-hidden once.
- No “conditional plays” (i.e mailing me something like “if Susie plays an idol then I use mine on Jeff”) are allowed.
- If you don’t vote by the deadline, you receive a self-vote. If someone involved in a tie receives a self-vote, then that person will automatically go home instead of having a re-vote. Two self-votes in a row or 3 total means a medevac.
- If someone quits or is medevaced during a voting period and is on the same tribe as the tribe attending tribal council, then tribal is cancelled. Otherwise, tribal will continue.
- In case of a deadlock (a tie and then another tie after a re-vote), we’ll have a rock draw as per CBS Survivor rules, with the tied players and anyone else with immunity being safe. In the case of a tie at final 4, we skip the re-vote and go to a fire making challenge.

- We have a 0 tolerance policy for any sort of predatory behavior. I will be doing my absolute best to avoid making casting decisions that would result in this problem in the first place (and have a production team helping to vet all the applicants), but if this happens during the season for whatever reason the person who did it will be removed. While the goal is to interfere with the course of the game as little as possible, there is always a small chance that a situation will arise that necessitates taking action.
- Trying to fabricate screenshots or otherwise falsify evidence, or using an accusation as “ammunition” just to get someone you don’t like kicked from the game is also unacceptable and if this happens I will either just ignore you or you yourself will face some sort of consequence, depending on the severity.
- No, I’m not going to kick somebody because they called you a mean name. Get over it.

- Send confessionals and add me to strategy/alliance chats, it makes me more aware of how the game is progressing and makes you more likely to get a spot on a returnee season and/or get episode title quotes on the Google Doc if that’s something you care about (my skype is Joe.Schmoe913 my discord is SF37#5039!
- Advantages (vote steals, idol nullifiers, etc.) are not transferable unless otherwise specified.
- If you go out of your way to make the experience difficult for me I will take whatever action makes you stop annoying me the fastest, so keep that in mind. You can always feel free to ask questions if you need clarification, though.
- Have fun and I hope you pull this off in a joyful manner!

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