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Will's Survivor: Uzbekistan

"The only group game I'll ever play" - ElectraViv

“This group game is fucking bullshit, fuck the hosts and fuck this. I want my money back” - MicklePickle20

After a hiatus, Will's Survivor finally returns! With new mods and a new era of tengaged history underway, all bets are off as one of the oldest group games on tengaged returns for yet another season.

This season, we're headed to the deserts of the Amu Darya delta in Uzbekistan. Once an important crossroads for trade and commerce in the Soviet Union, the rivers of the Amu Darya have since dried up, leaving empty towns and washed-up ships as eerie reminders of the region's past.

It is here that 18 castaways will embark on a mission with one simple goal: be the last one standing. Divided into tribes, they'll have to make alliances quickly or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one person will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor and the 500T grand prize.

We're back, and better than ever before! 39 days, 18 people, 1...SURVIVOR! 

Will's Survivor History:

First Generation:
Survivor: Yucatan ― mouseter09
Survivor: India ― Kiara_xoxo
Survivor: Maldives ― BBlover96
Survivor: Arabia ― Wokko
Survivor: All-Stars ― Walkerbait27
Survivor: Solomon Islands ― Eoin
Survivor: South Africa ― ejuzkiw
Survivor: Ecuador ― TheSexiestDude990
Survivor: Indonesia ― TotsTrashy
Survivor: Spain - Fans vs. Favorites ― ElectraViv
Survivor: Morocco - Back to Basics II ― Js21
Survivor: Peru ― quackattack817
Survivor: Honduras ― Gardenia
Survivor: South Atlantic ― Mearl

Second Generation:
Survivor: New Guinea ― CocoaBean
Survivor: Ivory Coast ― MichelleFitzgerald
Survivor: Bangladesh ― wavy_lays
Survivor: Japan ― obscurity
Survivor: Cyclades ― Raydiz33
Survivor: Zambia ― brandonrichie

Third Generation:
Survivor: West Indies ― ElectraViv
Survivor: Senegal ― Bluejay7622
Survivor: Egypt ― obscurity
Survivor: Canary Islands ― purplebb4
Survivor: Santorini ― Aquamarine
Survivor: Brunei — GentlemanG
Survivor: All-Stars II — purplebb4
Survivor: The Aleutians — Maxi1234
Survivor: Tahiti — BB5lover
Survivor: Second Chances — Natepresnell

Sweepstakes Winners:
S4: Christian (Christian_)
S5: Newz (OldNewz)
S6: Spark (Spark_)
S7: Kat (hellocat)
S8: Spark (Spark_)
S9: Patty (GrrrImABear)
S10: Ashley (ashszoke)

Confessional Group:
Generation 3 History:
Season Summaries:

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Will's Survivor: Uzbekistan

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