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110 days 10 hours ago
Thanks for your interest in (the new and improved) Will's Survivor! Take a moment to skim the rules here: https://tengaged.com/group/5492-wills-survivor-west-indies/forum/topic/23487002 . ANYONE is welcome to apply, even if you have played in my series before.

Applications will close when I get enough people (hopefully within the next week) and the season should take about 2 weeks total to complete, with mostly live challenges (no more than 30-45 minutes maximum for each). More information will be provided when we get closer to the start date. Also feel free to add me on skype (Joe.Schmoe913) if you haven't already!

To apply, fill out the following and MAIL it to me to be considered:

Name (what you want to be called in-game):
Color Level:
Skype (highly reccommended):

List any previous group game experience (or just yell at me to look at your profile):

Why would you make a good addition to the cast?:

Fill out the times you'd be available for challenges on most days by marking an "X" below for each one:

5 PM EST [ ]
6 PM EST [ ]
7 PM EST [ ]
8 PM EST [ ]
9 PM EST [ ]

Thanks and hope to host you soon!
110 days 10 hours ago
If you're a white level (and I'm reasonably confident you're not a multi), drop a message below and I'll add you as a friend so you can apply!
110 days 10 hours ago
hey im a white level please add me :)
110 days 5 hours ago
so will all stars continue some other time or
109 days 20 hours ago
If everyone agrees to it sure I guess lol
108 days 15 hours ago
--- CLOSED ---

Thanks everyone for applying! Primary casting is done but if you want to submit as an alternate for the next day or so you're welcome to do so.

open group

Will's Survivor: Santorini

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