Will's Survivor: New Guinea

3 years later, the original Will's Survivor series has finally returned for an all-new, *second generation*.  That's right, we're starting from scratch once again -- this season, we'll be headed to New Guinea, home of some of the world's oldest human populations.  Dating back 40,000 years, the peoples of this island can trace their ancestors back to the first ever fully-evolved humans that migrated out of Africa. Due to both their rich cultural history as well as encounters with European explorers, there are currently over a thousand languages spoken in New Guinea.  Ecologically, the island contains between 5-10% of the total species of organisms on the planet, an immense amount of biodiversity.

It is here that a brand new batch of castaways will begin the journey to be the first champion of the newest generation of Will's Survivor.  With all manner of swaps, switches, and twists on the table, they'll have to adapt or they'll be voted out of the tribe.  In the end, only one person will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor!


Jiwaka (Green Buffs):
- Skinny (CocoaBean)
- Tim (lionsden121)

16th - Oprah (paul028) (Manokwari) (6-2)
15th - Clara Janine (mahogany) (Jayapura) (7-1)
14th - Justin (BeastBoy) (Jayapura) (5-2)
13th - Logan R. (chillum) (Jayapura/Manokwari) (5-1)
12th - Josh (Joshbb17) (Manokwari/Manokwari) (4-2)
11th - Patrick (Pokepat) (Manokwari/Manokwari) (3-2)
10th - Logan M. (Logie56) (Manokwari/Manokwari/Jiwaka) (5-4-1)
9th - Fred (ferdinandz) (Manokwari/Jayapura/Jiwaka) (5-4)
8th - Connor (laughingoutloud) (Jayapura/Manokwari/Jiwaka) (5-3)
7th - Keizo (Foxy_Piplup) (Jayapura/Jayapura/Jiwaka) (6-1)
6th - James (J2999) (Jayapura/Jayapura/Jiwaka) (4(0)-2(0)/3-3/2-2/Rock Draw)
5th - Harry (harrywasnak) (Jayapura/Manokwari/Jiwaka) (4-1)
4th - David (DavidM7) (Jayapura/Jayapura/Jiwaka) (3-1)
3rd - Clair (haycsclair) (Manokwari/Jayapura/Jiwaka) (1-0)
—-FINAL 2—-
Runner-Up - Tim (lionsden121) (Manokwari/Jayapura/Jiwaka)
Sole Survivor: Skinny (CocoaBean) (Manokwari/Manokwari/Jiwaka) (4-3 Jury Vote)

Will's Survivor History:

First Generation:
Survivor: Yucatan - mouseter09
Survivor: India - xoxokiller
Survivor: Maldives - bblover96
Survivor: Arabia - Wokko
Survivor: All-Stars - Walkerbait27
Survivor: Solomon Islands - Euro
Survivor: South Africa - ejuzkiw
Survivor: Ecuador - TheSexiestDude990
Survivor: Indonesia - TotsTrashy
Survivor: Spain - Fans vs. Favorites - ElectraViv
Survivor: Morocco - Back to Basics II - Js21
Survivor: Honduras - Gardenia
Survivor: South Atlantic - Mearl

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