Will's Survivor: All Stars

"The only group game I'll ever play" - ElectraViv

Congratulations to brandonrichie on winning Survivor: Zambia!

For 1 months and six seasons, the second generation of Will's Survivor Series has brought drama and entertainment to over 100 different contestants as well as a rapidly expanding viewer community. Now, for season seven, some of the greatest to play the game thus far are returning to play again. Whether it's to redeem a less-than-desirable placement in a previous season or to defend a previous title, this group of returnees is likely ready and willing to make this the most cutthroat season yet.

Will's Survivor is back again, and this time for a season like you've never seen before. 39 days, 22 people, 1...SURVIVOR!

Akhenaten (Brown Buffs):
- James (J2999)
- Max (Novamax243)
- Gavin (greyconverse)
- Ruffles (wavy_lays)
- Absol (Absol)
- Tim (lionsden121)
- Kelly (kelly0412)
- Katherine (Katherinee_)
- Tyler (VanHow10)
- Julian (TheSexiestDude990)
- Cody (Raydiz33)

Bahariya (Light Blue Buffs):
- David (DavidM7)
- Sagar (obscurity)
- Brandon (brandonrichie)
- HC (HeatherChandIer)
- Ryan (Iceey)
- Skinny (CocoaBean)
- Barbra (BarbraStreisand)
- Vivian (ElectraViv)
- Clair (haycsclair)
- Jayson (BBlover96)
- Raul (MrBird)

Will's Survivor History:

First Generation:
Survivor: Yucatan - mouseter09
Survivor: India - xoxokiller
Survivor: Maldives - BBlover96
Survivor: Arabia - Wokko
Survivor: All-Stars - Walkerbait27
Survivor: Solomon Islands - Euro
Survivor: South Africa - ejuzkiw
Survivor: Ecuador - TheSexiestDude990
Survivor: Indonesia - TotsTrashy
Survivor: Spain - Fans vs. Favorites - ElectraViv
Survivor: Morocco - Back to Basics II - Js21
Survivor: Peru - quackattack817
Survivor: Honduras - Gardenia
Survivor: South Atlantic - Mearl

Second Generation:
Survivor: New Guinea - CocoaBean (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/T5sfvil )
Survivor: Ivory Coast - MichelleFitzgerald (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/fEsIW3I )
Survivor: Bangladesh - wavy_lays (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/RcWG1iV )
Survivor: Japan - obscurity (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/9GXTXTt )
Survivor: Cyclades - Raydiz33 (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/MibRPrA )
Survivor: Zambia - brandonrichie (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/0Fxje9C )

Confessional Group: https://tengaged.com/group/5741-wills-survivor-confessionals
Second Generation History: https://tengaged.com/group/5492-wills-survivor-bangladesh-apps-open/forum/topic/22056615

Featured Players 22 playing

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