WPF's Survivor VL

Viewer's Lounge for those watching Winner and Prez's Survivor!

Power is everything.

RULE 1: Under NO circumstances does any info said here leave the group and get back to anyone - players especially, but anyone else as well. If this ever happens, you will be BANNED from the VL and BANNED from ever participating in Winner and Prez's Survivor. 

RULE 2: Please keep clutter to a minimum. If you would like to start a new thread, please ask thewinner or preznewton44 so we can approve it. We want to ensure that a season is as easy to follow as possible, and a multitude of unnecessary threads makes this difficult.

RULE 3: Keep the VL a positive place. If you want to fight with someone, settle it over Tengaged mail or somewhere else, just not here. No one wants to see that.

RULE 4: If you haven't commented for over 50 days and one of us realize it, we will remove you from the VL. This is just an attempt to keep the VL secure. However, if you ask me to get back in after this, I will likely let you.

RULE 5: If anyone in the game asks you to reveal information to you, don't do it, obviously. Mail me who did it and give me a screenshot of the evidence. The punishment for this is the same as leaking info from the VL.

RULE 6: Just read Rule 1 again. NEVER DO THAT.

RULE 7: The VL is only for trusted former players or trusted friends of the hosts. Sorry, but don't bother joining if I don't know you.

RULE 8: All hail Mickle. Mickle is king.

Ticket Winners:
Qaz (qazwxedc) for Caicos Islands Sweepstakes
Ivy (__ivyy_445) for Caicos Islands Sweepstakes
Newz (OldNewz) for Denali Sweepstakes

Winning a ticket guarantees a return for you to Winner and Prez's Survivor.

Tickets can be earned by winning a season's sweepstakes, earning one in some way during an Immunity Challenge, or in various other ways. 

Once you have returned to Winner and Prez's Survivor, your ticket expires.


Season 1: Poland (Newman / nnewman3)
Season 2: Congo (Ryan / wangifold)
Season 3: Belize (Isaiah / immaxyman)
Season 4: Nepal (Nick / Archerskyfire)
Season 5: Polynesia - Fans vs. Favorites (Joe / TheEclipse)
Season 6: Jamaica (Daniel / DanielzSnooz)
Season 7: Faroe Islands (Mel / me2013)
Season 8: Bali (Nicole / Nicole16)
Season 9: Kyushu (Rhys / AndThenThereWasOne)
Season 10: All Stars (Cole / Cole91)
Season 11: Czech Republic (Sean / Caliboy)
Season 12: Blood vs. Water (Sagar / obscurity)
Season 13: Eritrea (Dylan / DBWs)
Season 14: Pampas (Seth / SurvivorSeth)
Season 15: Santorini - Second Chances (Joe / JoeDaManXD)
Season 16: Pakistan - Fans Vs Favorites 2 (Jimbo / sahmosean)
Season 17: Caicos Islands (Christian / Christian_)
Season 18: Denali - Heroes vs. Villains


Main group: http://bit.ly/1aE73IM
Ponderosa: http://bit.ly/29xSryW
Applications Group: http://bit.ly/1yGZtpm
Series Wiki: http://bit.ly/1NPosu0
Host Q&A for thewinner: http://bit.ly/1fcypQY
Host Q&A for Preznewton44: http://bit.ly/15avKIF
Host Q&A for Fobbyiyg: http://bit.ly/1TUMuca

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