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Dumbledore's BB Survivor

The 5 most active people from each house will compete for house points, and other prizes in Dubledore's BB Survivor!

1. xxlightningxx
2. papabear
3. under
4. krisstory
5. chips47

1. aidanmac22
2. ssfan100
3. amysanchezwins
4. oatty3
5. totallyagleek

1. alanduncan
2. massgustavo
3. adampaulgrant
4. tuter32
5. migoon

1. muffinman
2. logansew
3. joshjosh123
4. the fish
5. iduck

The rules are as follows:
All four houses will compete in a reward, and immunity challenge.  The house that wins the immunity challenge will be the Head of Hogwarts (HOH) They will nominate two people from the losing house.

The second place house will vote on which of the two nominated members to evict.

When there are ten contestants left, they will merge, and compete for individual reward and immunity until there are 2 people left.  The evicted students will vote on the winner.

Great rewards and twists await those who play!

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Dumbledore's BB Survivor

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