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Tengaged's OFFICIAL S3 Survivor Caramoan

Tengaged's OFFICIAL Season 3 Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs. Favorites!

20 contestants divided into two tribes of 10. The favorites, which consist of 10 of the best players in the past two seasons of Tengaged OFFICIAL. And the fans are rookies to Tengaged OFFICIAL.

There will be three check points throughout the game, one of those will be tribe switch, one will be a merge, and one is unknown!

Can the fans outwit, outplay, and outlast the favorites? Or will the favorites succeed again and come out on top!? 10 favorites, 10 fans, 1 survivor!

I will not be going on a 39 day schedule. This group will last about 3 to 4 weeks.

All tribe swaps and the merge are already planned ahead of time!

In the end, the jury will select the winner! There will be 3 or 2 finalists! The winner will receive a gift!

Tengaged's OFFICIAL Season 1 Big Brother Game! (WINNER: makingallfall2) -
Tengaged's OFFICIAL Season 2 Battle Of The Colors! (WINNER: bad18life, Black Team) -

TDO88 (Favorite) WINNER!
IceIceBaby (Fan) RUNNER-UP
seittertps1120 (Fan) 2ND RUNNER-UP

4th/16th Person Voted Off - Jordonk, Ragay (Fan); 2-2 Tie, RV 2-0
5th/15th Person Voted Off/Juror #7 - jimboslice, Ragay (Favorite); 3-2
6th/14th Person Voted Off/Juror #6 - BBobsessor, Ragay (Favorite); 4-2-1*-1*
7th/13th Person Voted Off/Juror #5 - nels2012, Ragay (Favorite); 6-1
8th/12th Person Voted Off/Juror #4 - Warthhogs, Ragay (Fan); 4-4 Tie, RV 5-1
*Tribal Merge! Ragay Tribe Is Formed*
9th/11th Person Voted Off/Juror #3 - HipposUnite, Lahus (Fan); 4-1
10th/10th Person Voted Off/Juror #2 - Mahalpin11, Bikal (Fan); 3-2
*Expected Merge, However Twist And Tribal Switch! 5 vs. 5 Bikal/Lahus*
11th/9th Person Voted Off/Juror #1 - lassidoggy, Bikal (Fan); 5-1
*Jury Starts*
12th/DQ - DJChipman, Lahus (Fan); Banned (Replaced by previously voted out IceIceBaby)
*OUTCAST TWIST! Mickj, Chloeox, EEstrada17, AustinBenevides, and IceIceBaby; FAILED TO RE-ENTER THE GAME*
XXX/8th Person Voted Off - IceIceBaby, Bikal (Fan); 6-1
13th/7th Person Voted Off - Guess_Who, Lahus (Favorite); 5-1
14th/6th Person Voted Off - AustinBenevides, Lahus (Favorite); 3-2-2 [Idol Holder DIDN'T Play]
*Gota Disolved Into Lahus and Bikal, 2 on each, making 7 and 7*
15th/5th Person Voted Off - firetruck421, Gota (Fan); 4*-1*
*Tribe Swap, 3rd Tribe Added Lahus*
16th/4th Person Voted Off - Caitlynn7, Gota (Fan); 3*-3-2-1-1
17th/3rd Person Voted Off - EEstrada17, Bikal (Favorite); 4-2-1*
18th/Dropped Out - anthonyjr, Bikal (Favorite)
19th/2nd Person Voted Off - Chloeox, Bikal (Favorite); 5-2-1-1
20th/1st Person Voted Off - Mickj, Bikal (Favorite); 3-2-2-1-1-1

* means it was a self-vote. If there is a tie and one of the people who tied had a self-vote, they will be automatically voted out.

Punishments for TDO88 and Jordonk -
1. Punishment is you MUST have your avatar looking the way mine looks right now until you are out of the season. So if you are voted out, you can go back to your own look. However if your in the game you must have the same avatar. (You can use different colors however!)
2. If you are voted out, you CANNOT be a member of the jury.
3. In the next tribal council you are eligible to go home, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive a self vote, however you can still vote that tribal.
4. You cannot compete in the next immunity challenge. (final 5)

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