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Safe's BBQ Big Brother

Adapted from the television series "Big Brother", Big Brother BBQ brings a familiar territory to an online experience. Just like the original TV series, Houseguest's will be selected and "isolated" in an online experience which will force them to interact with their housemates in the hopes of becoming the next Big Brother winner.

Will you be the one to win Big Brother BBQ Season 1?


Big Brother Guidelines -- How To Play

What is Big Brother?

As stated before, Big Brother is about a group of strangers evicting (voting) each other out of the "house" until one person remains and is crowned the Big Brother winner.

How is the game scheduled?

The weekly schedule is as follows,

Thursday - One Houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother house, and the HOH Competition begins.
Friday - The new HOH is crowned.
Saturday - The nominee's are revealed; the Houseguest's selected to play in the POV are revealed.
Sunday - The POV Competition is played.
Monday - The winner of the POV Competition is revealed.
Tuesday - The Veto Ceremony takes place.
Wednesday - The Houseguest's vote to evict one of the two nominee's.

As you can see, the real show and the online game share a week by week format.

How long do I have to complete competitions? (HOH, POV, etc...)?

For the majority of the competitions , you will have a full 24 hours to complete a competition. This will allot anyone from any time zone ample time to submit their entry. Live challenges will pop up but at least 48 hours notice will be given, and all participants will be asked about availability prior to schedule the competition. If there is a time conflict, the schedule may be altered slightly to still fit the competition in that week. Some competitions may be endurance based (ie. posting challenge). These endurance competitions will always last at least 24 hours, and they typically will be at least 48 hours.

When do you post certain events? (Competitions, Eviction, etc...)?

The big events (Nominations, Challenges, Challenge Winners, Evictions) will always be posted between 8pm and 11pm Eastern. If it is not posted between these times, I strive to have the events posted earlier than later. If I am unavailable, I will make arrangements with another admin or moderator to post on my behalf that night.

Are there going to be Diary Room sessions?

Yes. Diary Room sessions will be mandatory each week (although you may submit as many DR sessions as you like). They will be due on Wednesday of each week.

How many people are going to be in this game?

An unknown number of Houseguest's will be selected depending on the number and quality of applicants, as well as my vision or this season in terms of twists, etc.

How do I know if I'm accepted into the Big Brother house?

After you have submitted an application (found at the bottom of the page) and applications close you will receive a PM informing you if you've been accepted or not. You should receive this PM soon after applications close.

What do I do once I'm accepted?

Once you are accepted as a Houseguest, you will be required to accept your spot through PM (with me), acknowledging that you are ready to play.
Once the start date is reached, your house thread will be opened and your first HoH challenge will begin. The house thread is where most of your public interactions will take place. Houseguests are encouraged to Private Message and communicate privately (unless instructed otherwise).. this includes Skype, AIM, etc.

When is the game starting?


How long do I have to submit an application?


If you have any questions, please PM Safe, or post on the thread. Good luck!

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