WLT: American Dream (APPS OPEN!)

Wicked Little Things: American Dream
it's criminal to look this good

February 2018 - Houston, TX

Three Stories. Three Crimes.

Iman Norris has dreams of solving all of her financial woes in one fell swoop. She's spent her whole life trying to make something of herself but student loans and caring for a kid sister leave her finances in a dire place. A robbery gone wrong ends up getting her far bigger than trouble than threats of imprisonment.

Senna Grace has everything handed to her entire life. When her parents cut off funding anything other than her rent, food, and tuition Senna decides it's time to get creative. Soon enough her schemes threaten to undo everything for her and her friends.

Michael Nagasu is a nice guy from a poor family who just wants to get through University while balancing a dead end job at a fast-food restaurant. He has no interest in a life of crime. He and his co-workers soon find himself wrapped in someone's else criminal plot.

Main Cast:
Iman Norris (Finnick)
Senna Grace (Finnick)
Michael Nagasu (Finnick)

Supporting Cast:
Pamela Whitting

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