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What RP should I host?

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Devils Valley. A supernatural teen drama set in a catholic school in 2005.


The Fairer Sex. A teen apocalyptic horror-comedy about a viral outbreak that only kills men and turns teenage girls into killing machines.


Stardew Valley. A slice of life RP set in a quaint farming town on the coast inspired by the video game of the same name.


Untitlted Murder Mystery.


  1. Logie561 or 2
  2. PennyTrationStanvoted 2 but its really a double vote for 2 and 1
  3. Kgamer22183 because we Stan farms
  4. turkeylover2 but 1 is also really cute!
  5. Katherinee_1
  6. KingGeek3
  7. Piddu1

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