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2256 days 21 hours ago
Wicked Little Things
a high school murder mystery

May 2018 - 3 weeks after Reagan Cromley's death

Charity has been ranked one of the best towns to live in New England for five straight years. With the lowest unemployment and crime rates in the United States, it’s the ideal place to live. The town’s shining jewel is Woodside School, an example of the best teaching money can buy and the parents definitely bought their way in. It’s had a sparkling online reputation until now when it becomes the center of a media circus revolving around one girl's death and the massacre to follow it. The one thing that’s certain is Charity won’t be showing up on any positive lists anytime soon.

Wicked Little Things season 1 is about a New England community being terrorized by a dark secret, the ensuing media firestorm to follow, and a killer using the chaos for their own sinister purposes.

It's all over.

Main Cast:
Kinsey Parker (Finnick)
Sasha Richards (Finnick)
Noah Westbury (Logie56)
Jessica Oliver (dvs194)
Ash Pippin (Rain848)
Pansy Pippin (mildsalsa)
Poe Mercer (Tizian)
Sabine Donatella (awesome2210)
Miles Tucker (Bigdizzleyomama)
Maude Michaels (Chicklet)
Landon O'Kane (Pokepat)
Kennedy Knowles (Crocadilly)

Supporting Cast:
Hutch Cromley

Guest Stars:
Sheriff Petersen
Pamela Whitting

Reagan Cromley (Suicide?)
Uriah Kim (Spread around town)
Naomi Parker (Shot in the third eye)
Lucia Lemaire (The bottom of the Ocean)
Gordon Watkins (He ran into my bat)
George Black (Is he gonna jump from there?)
Martin Hudspith (Talked too much)
Tanya Turner (Pillowed)
Royce Emerson (RIP 5th Harmony)
Max Blake (There's a hole where her heart should be)

101: #instafamous - February 4th - February 5th, 2018
102: B.Y.O.B. - February 14th - February 15th, 2018
103: Well, Wail, Whale - February 18th
104: Kinsey, Reagan, and You - March 19th at 6 PM EST
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