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-congratulations to the finalists

NB Reality Hall of Fame Top 10 (updated through Season 18: I Love Money)

1st- Ryan_Jambe [217 NBR Points]
2nd- Ethan000 [210 NBR Points]
3rd- EM002 [194 NBR Points]
4th- LaFierceBrittany2 [164 NBR Points]
5th- coolexchangestudent [139 NBR Points]
6th- RShowFreak [121 NBR Points]
7th- Rawr121 [115 NBR Points]
8th- Jkjkjk15 [114 NBR Points]
9th- ladybug5 [104 NBR Points]
10th- Turney1805 [97 NBR Points]

Complete Ranking:


NB Reality is BACK and better than ever! Throughout the series, competing as individuals has always been the path to victory. This season is different, where teamwork and keeping your team strong will prevail.

28 competitors will embark on a journey as teams through the game facing difficult challenges, social ramifications, and leaving it all on the line in elimination.

Coming back from hiatus, this season is looking to kick things off with a bang in a never-before seen rendition of....
NB Reality 19: The Gauntlet!












WINNERS- Lalisa & rawr121 [Gray Team]

2nd place- LaFierceBrittany2, Lemjam6, & NotNicky333 [Red Team]
3rd place- awwsum11 & TheEclipse [Green Team]
4th place- Absol, cfff, & kingLiam [Blue Team]

----------------------FINAL CHALLENGE----------------------

Episode 9- Ladybug5 [Red Team] (Lost to Lemjam6, Lalisa, and Rawr121 at Puzzle Pyramid)
Episode 8- Cray [Green Team] (Lost to awwsum11 at Black Hole)
Episode 8- MJFJUNE [Gray Team] (Lost to Lalisa at Black Hole)
Episode 7- Christian_ [Green Team] (Lost to TheEclipse at Log Lunge)
Episode 7- Halloween [Blue Team] (Lost to kingLiam at Log Lunge)
Episode 6- jussy007 [Green Team] (Lost to TheEclipse at Match, Set!)
Episode 6- kgamer2218 [Red Team] (Lost to Ladybug5 at Match, Set!)
Episode 5- nothingbutrouble [Blue Team] (Lost to Cfff at Formula T)
Episode 5- Ryan_Jambe [Gray Team] (Lost to Lalisa at Formula T)
Episode 4- Spinfur [Gray Team] (Lost to rawr121 at Last Mail Standing)
Episode 4- Jman96 [Red Team] (Lost to kgamer2218 at Last Mail Standing)
Episode 3- Christian37 [Green Team] (Lost to awwsum11 at Balancing Act)
Episode 3- FoxyWinters [Blue Team] (Lost to kingLiam at Balancing Act) [DID NOT COMPETE]
Episode 3- countrysavage [Red Team] (Removed from the Game- Inactivity)
Episode 2- doubledarefan01 [Gray Team] (Lost to MJFJUNE at In Time)
Episode 2- TheKevmiester [Blue Team] (Lost to nothingbutrouble at In Time) [DID NOT COMPETE]
Episode 1- BritishRomeo17 [Gray Team] (Lost to Lalisa at Safecrackers)
Episode 1- MoooHades [Green Team] (Lost to jussy007 at Safecrackers)


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NB Reality History Thread (More reliable than the wikia):

Ask me stuff! http://ask.fm/NbReality

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