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vThe modeling industry is something that is worldwide and is taken extremely serious. Being able to be a outstanding model is a difficult task, but can lead to many successful businesses. As a model you must have CONFIDENCE, PERSONALITY, FINESSE, FIERCENESS, & OVER-ALL MODELING CAPABILITY. This season of TNTM, we are back with all new judges, models, and drama. This season will test models each week with a challenge and photoshoot. Only one can outshine out of the pack, and at the end of the week one aspiring model will be eliminated from the competition. Only one model can win Tengaged's Next Top Model. Tune in every week to see which models succeed and which models fall through the cracks.

APPLICATIONS: http://www.tengaged.com/group/5187/forum/topic/10494973 X CLOSED X

[S1]Winner: Keke (Zaza)
      Runner-up: Misha Bailey (Jermin119)
      Host/Judge(s): Celia Boustalic (deshonBANNEDISBACK)

[S2]Winner: TBA
      Host(s):   Celia Boustalic (deshonBANNEDISBACK)
      Judge(s):  Ray M. (Raygan94) , Carlisle (Carlisle),
                       Ebony J. (Coltsfan876)
Celia Boustalic(S1-) ~ Celia is an international spokesperson for WorldWide Magazine and, Famous Head Model for NYC Modeling Management Inc. Celia takes modeling seriously, and know everything to what it takes to be TNTM.

Ray M.(S2-) ~ Ray is famous photographer for many modeling labels/agencies. He is a expert in the posing category, and knows everything to what it takes to have a great photo.

Carlisle(S2-) ~ Carlisle is a worldwide famous Male model who is signed with CHANEL. Carlisle is a expert at modeling 101, and knows what it takes to be infront of a camera, interviews, and commercials.

Ebony J.(S2-) ~Ebony J. is the co-executive of Vogue Magazine, and PR Maven.She is an expert to what it takes to be involved in the modeling industry. She might be a tough cookie to crack, but her hard critiques help mold aspiring models into becoming famous models.

[S2] Prizes:
* A spread with GUESS magazine
- http://i.imgur.com/G7drE9F.jpg
* 2 yr modeling contract with NY Model Management
- http://i.imgur.com/WW3Ilo2.png
* A year supply of make-up sponsored by Lo'Real cosmetics
- http://i.imgur.com/VH5yubI.jpg
* A new 2014 Ford Fushion!
- http://i.imgur.com/G1rYac8.jpg
* And a 100,000 cash prize!

[S2] Cast:
B R I T T A N Y  H. (Caitlynn7)
A U G U S T I N E  R O S E (Maicolx3)
K A U S H A L (Kaushal)
H I L A R Y (ErinWagens)
A N G E L (Ladris)
R A Y N E (ZJ11)
J A E (Kaylee21)

13. B R I T T A N Y  B. (Dreamer342)
12. D A N I C A (CharlotteArnold)
11. N I K I T A (Kamilynne)
10. T Y R A N A (vhancock2)
09. J A S M I N E (thenewkenta)
08. K E N D R A (Cheetahprint22)

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I Tengaged's Next Top Model I

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