The Mutant Project

The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is a pillar of hope for mutants across the globe, a sign of changing times in society and the opportunity mutants have to learn to master their innate gifts. A new class of mutants has arrived, and it is time to tell their story, a story of self discovery, friendship, teamwork, and bravery.


This RP will be focused on the training and day-to-day lives of students at Professor Charles Xavier's haven for mutants learning to control their abilities, and eventually their induction into the X-Men and the hazards that come with membership.



Room 313:

Cameron Seaver | Lazarus (dvs194)
Easton Granger | Gauntlet (Piddu)

Room 314:

Duke Prescott | Geist (Finnick)
Michelangelo "Angelo" Desmond | Aura (bigdizzleyomama)

Room 315:

Rockwell "Rocky" Burke | Orbit (awesome2210)
Makonnen Abebe | Warlock (Aintitfun)

Room 316:

Martin Hudspith | Riot (Hudspith)
Jarvis Whittaker | Frostbite (Tizian)

Room 317:

Desiree Spencer | Shade (dvs194)
Julia Danvers | Daybreak (Rain848)

Room 318:

Melanie Lucas | Quiver (RyanAndrews)
Lilith Collins | Ifrit (Maya10)

Room 319:

Viradie "Vira" Knightly | Roseia (kgunzrok)
Gabrielle "Gabi" Douglas | Killer Orchid (UnicornGoddess98)

Room 320:

Curtis Bakersfield | Psion (Logie56)
Isaac Hill | Safeguard (Archerskyfire)

Room 321:

Will Arthur | Vulcan (Rocketokid13)
Benjamin "Ben" Hale | Surge (Pokepat)

Room 322:

CaraLee Penton | Tesser (coolKat)
Clarimonde "Clair" Lavigne | Belcheri (Absol)

Room 323:

Jenna Wilson | Wraith (hazbez94)
Laurel Lexington | Vesta (Noxity)

Room 324:

Tate Westwood | Dreamcatcher (PoohSnap)
Keaton Hale | Vapor (SirNiceGuy)

Room 325:

Amari Ziegler | Seismic (iGoddess)
Rei Ziegler | Mimic (Katherinee_)


Season 1:

Episode 1: "A New Genesis"
Episode 2: "Field Trips Are Fun, Right?"
Episode 3: "Forward to the Past"
Episode 4: "Blurred Lines"
Episode 5: "Growing Pains"

Featured Players 19 playing

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Episode 3 - "Forward to the Past"
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Episode 3 Date
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Episode 2 - “Field Trips Are Fun, Right?”
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Dossiers and Records
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Episode 2 Date
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