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Cereal's the Challenge: Friends For Life

32 people are about to compete in my most grueling season yet. It's the largest cast that has ever competed, and it will have the largest challenges and eliminations seen yet. 16 pairs of friends are embarking on a quest to Switzerland for over $500,000. Which pair will win and prove they're the closest pair of friends? We shall see :)

My past seasons:

Season 1: Big Brother UK
Season 2: Big Brother BOTB
Season 3: Big Brother Dynamic Duos
Season 4: Survivor Panama
Season 5: Big Brother Australia
Season 6: Survivor Canadian Wilderness
Season 7: Battle For Dream Island
Season 8: The Duel
Season 9: Big Brother Canada
Season 10: BB UK (again)
Season 11: Survivor Kaoh Rong
Season 12: Fresh Meat
Season 13: Cutthroat
Season 14: Free Agents
Season 15: The Gauntlet
Season 16: Big Brother Travel Tournament
Season 17: Battle of the Seasons
Season 18: Survivor Fiji (Game Changers)
Season 19: Survivor Uruguay
Season 20: Badlands (Top Dogs Vs Underdogs)
Season 21: Roulette
Season 22: Survivor Greek Isles
Season 23: Double Cross (XXX)
Season 24: Big Brother 24/7
Season 25: Big Brother Power App
Season 26: Survivor Indonesia (Temple Island)
Season 27: Survivor Azores (Edge of Extinction)
Season 28: Red Skull
*****Season 29: Friends For Life*****

Eliminations eligible to be played:

Kaleidoscope (puzzle)

Cast of the challenge:


16th: Octopus/Orlando (lost to FireX/Hoop in Scissors) day 3
15th: Hawlie/Ethan (lost to FireX/Hoop in Kaleidoscope) day 6
14th: Flick/Majority (lost to FireX/Hoop in Deck Hand) day 9
13th: Alexavontrayne/Absol (lost to Smooth and Florina in Air Strike) day 12
12th: Finn315/MBarnish1 (purged out) day 13
11th: Zoon/Sameed27 (lost to FireX/Hoop in Deck Hand) day 18
10th: Escape/Michael (lost to Summer/James in Drag Race) day 21
9th: Shawnlolpop123/Itsme2234 (lost to Noah/3pi in Scissors) day 24
8th: Summer/James (lost to Firex/Hoop in Kaleidoscope) day 27
7th: Smoothstalker12/Florina (lost to Zombie/Dracarys in Drag Race) day 30

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Cereal's the Challenge: Friends For Life

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