Anything Can Happen WILL TAKE A BREAK

Anything Can Happen is an original format that would involve the reality tv of singing and also the challenges to survive another day.

-Ali James (Jameslu)
-Drake (spinfur)
-Ryan (ryan5676)
-Taylor (tswiftlover13)

-Aria (aria_grande)
-Brianna (boozes)
-Carly (carlyjordan14)
-Dallas (DallasAndrew)
-Dan (Dan12233445566)
-Daniel (Natepresnell)
-JJ (moviedude)
-Kat (hellocat)
-Kimberly (Rubes)
-Luca (LiukBB)
-Michael (stuartlittle16)
-Scotty (bklimas)
-Tommy (TommyD)

1) Brooke Simpson (Rubes)
2) Jordan Smith (boozes)
S1) Ariana Grande (Yandereboy12)
3) Scarlett Lee (TommyD)
4) Joshua Ledet (chris2pei)
S2) Beyoncé (Rubes)
5) Daneliya Tuleshova (hellocat)
6) Boyce Avenue (Brandonh1)
S3) Holly Tandy (Pencepence)
7) Maelyn Jarmon (Jameslu)
8) Jennifer Hudson (moviedude)
S4) Adele (Jameslu)
9) 4th Impact (Rubes)
10) Jessie J (Brandonh1)
S5) Adele (Jameslu)
S6) Tori Kelly (bbsuper92)
11) Morissette (stuartlittle16)


The panelists rank the contestants performance and the top 12 best rankings would process to the live shows.


Each contestant's artist perform and the panelists comment and rank them and is worth 75% of the vote to determine the 2 artists in the sing off.


This involves a specific category that the contestants can help elevate their artist by sending a song relating to the category set each week that can't be your own artist and is worth 25% of the votes and this means that you can send any artist any song that fits the category set.


The 2 artists with the lowest rankings will send a new live performance and randomly only 1 panelist will be chosen to be the sole judge in making the decision on who goes home.


The 3 contestants will select a new live performance to perform and also an underrated performance from outside their 3 best weeks.
The contestant's artist with the lowest vote rankings would be eliminated and the last 2 contestants would choose their song of the season to be ranked and the winner would be revealed.

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Anything Can Happen will take a Break!
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Season 11 Final!
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363 days 11 hours ago
I won't be here 28th to the 30th of January!
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Last post by ryan5676
363 days 19 hours ago
Season 11 Statistics
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363 days 19 hours ago
Season 11 Final Submission
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364 days 2 hours ago

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