Revival Season 1

It is all about REVIVAL of the original songs but not only Revival but many more exciting twist of different theme challenges...
The main objectives of this show is to make new twist of the original songs sung by our Idols, to impress our judges to make it on the finale and being able to be ready for any surprises for the different theme...
You can post your personal revival of the songs but you can also search on different websites for the best Revival songs for the theme each challenges...
It is the first ever Revival songs here in tengaged so I hope it will be successful...
Once the nine contestants are pick the contest will now start and at the same time four judges will also be chose so what are you waiting for join now in Revival Season 1 and feel the newest and exciting group here... =)

Lists of the Top 14 Contestants:

1) pekic 
2) demetri - to be replace for kitten
3) Yourbestfriend - to be replace for Elijah
4) Bruno7272 - to be replace for ytrewq111
5) wiseman
6) destes
7) Amanda
8) Natasha
9) Rayanna
13)Yoshi - to be replace for chris
14)rocalliychick - replacement for destiny

Lists of the 4 Judges:

1) Sylvester
2) Lamia
3) chocolatejer
4) danio

Featured Players 6 playing










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Comments of the judges...
14 postsCreated by pooh0902 on 2436 days 12 hours ago
Last post by rocabilliychick
2426 days 17 hours ago
First (1) Challenge: First (1) Impression Last... =)
18 postsCreated by pooh0902 on 2436 days 15 hours ago
Last post by destes
2430 days 21 hours ago
For the contestants...
25 postsCreated by pooh0902 on 2439 days 14 hours ago
Last post by pooh0902
2435 days 8 hours ago
2 postsCreated by pooh0902 on 2436 days 16 hours ago
Last post by pooh0902
2436 days 16 hours ago
application for judge is now officially close...
1 postCreated by pooh0902 on 2438 days 10 hours ago
Last post by pooh0902
2438 days 10 hours ago

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Revival Season 1

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