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Total Drama Island!

This will be a Total Drama Series of all the Season's , we will go in order by the first season and so on and so fourth. I am looking for 22 ACTIVE players that will be here and ready to play.


1. you are required to send me one PRIVATE confessional everyday meaning that you send me a confessional Via E-mail letting me know whats going on like alliances , drama , who you dont like , who you do like etc

2. you may not post in any others cabin other than yourselves

3. dont make this ACTIVE

4. make drama dont be a boring cast

5. you are not required to act like your charater on the show but if you want to that is fine

6.if you are gone within a day hen you team go to camp fire you will be replaced.

Tuesday August 21st-Final Competition
Wednesday August 2nd-Jury Votes
Thursday August 23rd-Finale/Reunion

Season 1 Cast:



Gwen: 2 Jury Vote In Finale
Duncan: A Jury Vote In Finale

25th: Owen-bclrockschamp(5,3,2,1)
24th: Trent-codyfirestorm(9,1,1)
23rd: Ezekiel-kieran2(5,2,1,1,1)
22nd: Cody-Swimboy818(3,2,2,1,1,1)
21st: Beth-Sharon(4,3,1,1)
*Tribe Swap*
20th: Izzy-deshonBANNED(6,2,1)
19th: Noah-Bruno7272(6,1,1)
18th: Harold-MJFJUNE(4,3)
17th: Bridgette-KelliScott(5,2,1)
15th: Sadie-rikku67(3,1,1)
14th: Courtney-Manipulation(2,1)
13th: Harold-MJFJUNE(Removed)
12th: Courtney-Manipulation(6,2,1,1)
11th: Geoff-LUPIE(5,3,1)
10th: Justin-Dmpwd45(5,2,1,1)
9th: DJ-luis_leal77(4,2,1,1)
8th: Trent-rasmusjt48(3,other 4 did not count)
7th: Eva-Athenaa(3,2)
6th: Heather-Monica1623(Quit)
5th: Tyler-bingo21(3,2)
4th: Lindsay-yoshi9999(4,4,1,1)(Highest Percentage In Tie Breaker Poll)

Season 1: Total Drama Island

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Total Drama Island!

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