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Individual Immunity Challenge #5

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2408 days 21 hours ago
Check in now!
2408 days 20 hours ago
2408 days 20 hours ago
Ok just so everyone knows, this challenge can be played on skype to make it quicker and will make it much easier on yourselves!
2408 days 20 hours ago
Ok here is how this challenge will work. There are 5 stations. Each station must be completed one at a time. You must complete one station before moving on to the next one. You choose which station you start on and which one you move on to once you complete one. The first person who completes all 5 stages will win Immunity.

If you do this on skype it is easier for you and easier for me.

When at least 2 people have checked in we will begin.
2408 days 20 hours ago

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