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Immunity Challenge 6

Topic » Immunity Challenge 6

2432 days 19 hours ago
Yeah SURPRISE... we still aren't merging...

Since I have orientation tomorrow and most of tuesday, there will be a Poll challenge. Each tribe will get a spot in the poll. The 2 tribes that receive the most votes by Tuesday at 6pm Eastern time will win immunity!

The link will be posted below momentarily.

Good luck!
2432 days 15 hours ago
Esquiff when the immunity challenges are taking place in my time im asleep.
2432 days 9 hours ago
You need to let me know before hand
2432 days 9 hours ago
Challenge SHORTENED to 10pm eastern TONIGHT!
2432 days 6 hours ago
ok Esquiff im letting you know know when you had the first one ive been in ( the 1pm Eastern Time)
2431 days 18 hours ago
The results have been revealed! Since there was a tie between Alinta and Lopevi, you are now a merged tribe. Only the yasur members will get clues to the idol. You are now all members of Alinta.

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