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Season 1 Statistics

Topic » Season 1 Statistics

2118 days 17 hours ago
9th: Brown: alanb1 & Chandlerp1996 (Strength)
8th: Gray: Halloween & splozojames50 (Friendship)
7th: Blue: Emmett4 & zorbo678 (Integrity)
6th: Red: AdamLovesEverything & helloitsme (Knowledge, Strength)
5th: Yellow: JonMcGillis & BigBrotherSuperToMe (Loyalty, 3rd Eye, Honesty)
4th: Purple: Ghrocky100 & koolness234 (Petty, Teamwork, Friendship, Knowledge, Strength)
3rd: Brown 2.0: alanb1 & Chandlerp1996 (Integrity)
2nd: Green: semajdude & tonyalbright (Luck, Determination, Alliance, Petty, Teamwork, Friendship, Knowledge, Strength, Loyalty, 3rd Eye, Honesty)
1st: Orange: Hufus & It1002 (Karma, Survivor, Integrity)

Petty - Green
Teamwork - Green
Friendship - Green
Knowledge - Green
Strength - Green
Luck - Green
Determination - Green
Alliance - Green
Loyalty - Green
3rd Eye - Green
Honesty - Green
Karma - Orange
Survivor - Orange
Integrity - Orange

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