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Members: Jenii_Valenta, Lucinda, Gemma17, Vitamin, beautifulbones, Malibu, SexyBanana & sjsoccer88.

[29/10/2013 17:24:07] Gemma: What is this unfriendly discussion. Stop it!

[20:32:59] Gemma: Ni, fa, wherever you are... I hope that you stay there....

[20:47:37] Gemma: Oh fuck off.

[23:22:40] Gemma: Eat the cake, Nifa Mae, I said, eat the cake, Nifa Mae!

[01:09:33] Gemma: Call it...
[01:09:42] Gemma: TESCO VALUE

[22:28:26] Gemma: What a disgusting fat person...

[02:01:15] Gemma: hOw R U xO

[00:12:28] Malibu: Dresses are pretty, but you're shit in other areas.
[00:12:51] Malibu: Like, weaves/lips/personality/your face IRL/etc.

[23:26:54] Gemma: Sarah's child bride story could be fascinating and inspiring?

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