Face's Survivor S1 : Vietnam (apps open)

Series Wiki: http://bit.ly/JdGl8m

Vietnam is a land of noble history. Generation after generation, children and grown ups alike respected the idea of being selfless and giving. Survivor is a game that rivals this belief. A game of deceit, lies, and lost promises seems like a bad fit for a country that worships honesty and willingness to sacrifice. However, we've rivaled this. In Survivor Vietnam, you will need to know when to be selfish, and when to give. It will be unlike any other season in history. But like its predecessors, you will need to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast everyone else to be called the Sole Survivor.

18 people will embark on a journey of a lifetime. Every person, a different walk of life. Everyone is different, either in the way they play, the way they talk, or the way they compete. They do all have one thing in common: To win a million dollars and be the "sole survivor".

Ashley (xFireflysx)
Amanda (Sharon)
Tina (MaryClare)
Noah (yswimmer96)
Leslie (Ditzy)
Ken (kensterishere)

Jack (Itsamejack)
Nora (noraw6842)
Bingo (Bingo21)
RJ (RJ18)
David (daviewilly)
Monty (lamontlamar1998)
Peace (peace123)

18th: Tabby (tgray1995) [Saola] 6-2-1
17th: Rem (SweetRem) [Dhole] 9-0
16th: George (Ireks) [Saola] 5-2-1
15th: Joe (Joeker) [Dhole/Saola] 4-2-1
14th: Nick (Yaxha) [Dhole/Dhole] 3-2-2

Vietnam Wiki: http://bit.ly/N2sgwv

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Face's Survivor S1 : Vietnam (apps open)

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