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Kids of Miami [Season One]

---hosted by amylou8251, created by kilikfanof2mrow--
[this is most likely Skins meets GO]
Miami, the city where fun never sleeps and the party never stops. The city that is home to the private school Miami Academy of the Arts, and home to the young men and women who are part of Kids of Miami.

Even if you believe you know who you are, even if you believe you know who your friends are, you'd be surprised as what can be revealed if you just dig a little deeper... Everyone has secrets, everyone has skeletons in their closets, some people hold their cards close and are afraid of what they can reveal, even in such a city as Miami, where the stories of a group of juniors at an elite private school in the party city of the world get told in ways that most people wouldn't expect. From light-hearted things like crushes and being popular to shockers like being an underage stripper, drugs, and everything in between, you've never seen Miami in this light before.

Theme Song: Wild Ones by Flo Rida (feat. Sia)

[* means your in-character bio is finalized]
Brooklyn Yelich- kilikfanof2mrow*
Courtney Walsh- amylou8251*
Katerina Sire- Maya10*
Shay Martin- MaisyJames*
Kasey Hartlen- KOKidd*
Finn Fontana- MonaMania*
Leo SIre- kkoster001*
Brandon Yelich- Brandonh1*
Luke Lawson- barkmrck3tg*
Kasey Jones- Westyman557*
Noah Lyndon- WANJ*
Laysie Kroft- Avatar20*
Alex Jackson- ghrocky100*
Jessica Simone- shorondabubbles
Aaryn Wilson- Likeaboss
Glenn Rose- Coco2846
Amber Jaxon- lLotusQueenl
Natasha Petrova- rybaby123*
Karma Wilson- pinkygirl202*
Rayne Baxter- Rain848*
John Johnson- Carriad73*

Premiere: Gonna Break It Loose
Two: We Can Light It Up
Finale: What Doesn't Kill You..
[part of the Kids of series of shows]

Featured Players 12 playing

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Episode 2 We Can Light It Up
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School clubs and sports
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Season Premiere-Gonna Break It Loose
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Character Bios
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Kids of Miami [Season One]

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