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Welcome to the TTBB/TTRS Viewers Lounge!

I want this group to be the hub for the TTRS Franchise. Players should be able to come here when they aren't in the current season(s) to watch and discuss the happenings of those seasons. Here is where you can watch, discuss, and stay current with all TTRS Seasons. Along with that many important announcements about future TTRS Seasons will be revealed here.  In short, I want this to be a FUN environment for everyone, so please keep it that way!

Most of all, remember everything here is to remain SECRET. Please respect my players, because one season I could be posting your confessionals in here and you wouldn't want those to be leaked.
Where you can watch this season:
Gauntlet 3:
Turney Time Big Brother 18:

The TTRS Wikia:
The TTBB Wikia:

Survivor Laos- Alyxandra (Returned for TTRS Challenge 34: Free Agents)
TTRS BB Coaches- Patrick319
TTBB1- EM002 (Returned for TTRS 35: ISAJGS)
TTBB 2- TheEclipse (Returned for TTBB 11)
TTBB 4- ShazamMcAmazing (Returned for TTRS 35: ISAJGS)
TTBB 5- Bradyman7 (Returned for TTBB 8)
TTBB 7- CrazyCourtney0 (Returned for TTBB 10)
TTBB 8- Arcaninemaster (Returned for TTBB 10)
TTBB 9- EM002
TTBB10- BigBrotherFan132 (Returned for TTBB 13)
TTBB11- IceIceBaby
TTBB12- Lemjam6
TTBB13- Pepper
TTBB14- Ethan000

Ask Me Questions!:
Rules of the Viewer's Lounge:

1. Players in the current season being discussed will NOT be allowed to be in the Viewer's Lounge. I really don't think I should have to explain this one.

2. Please remain active in the Viewer's Lounge. The fun of having a VL is to be able to discuss things with other viewers and compare notes. I don't want this to have to be a chore, so please try and make it fun for yourselves. If it becomes inactive, I will just shut down the VL. This is a luxury NOT a necessity.

3. New viewers will not be added until the start of a new season. There may be an exception to this rule, if I trust this person, otherwise the group will be locked. If you leave the group in the middle of the season, then you will not be added back until a new season starts.

4. There will be different topics in this group for different seasons, spam, and general discussion so please be mindful of those.

5. Do not, under any circumstances, reveal information to ANYONE outside of the VL. Especially the current players! Confessionals will be posted here, so viewers will know everything about the game. Alliances, plans, idols, votes, etc. I am trusting that people will respect the game and keep this information private. If you are caught revealing information, you will be banned from the Viewer's Lounge, and you will not be welcome to play in any future TTRS Seasons. This is a very serious offense, and the consequences will match.

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TTBB/TTRS Viewers Lounge

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