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Drizella's X Factor

Pink= Females 34 & Younger
Blue= Males 34 & Younger
Green= Adults 35 & Older
Orange= Duos & Groups

Round 1: Auditions- Contestant's Choice (Top 40)
Round 2: Boot Camp- Contestant's Choice (Top 32)
Round 3: Judge's Houses- Contestant's Choice (Top 24)
Round 4: Live Show 1- Biggest Hits (Top 16)
Round 5: Live Show 2- Love Songs (Top 12)
Round 6: Live Show 3- Underrated Songs (Top 10)
Round 7: Live Show 4- Emotions (Top 8)
Round 8: Live Show 5- Dance Anthems (Top 7)
Round 9: Live Show 6- Contestant's Choice, Sexy Songs (Top 6)
Round 10: Live Show 7- Contestant's Choice, Gender Roles (Top 5)
Round 11: SEMI FINALS- Soundtrack Songs, Guest Performance (Top 4)
Round 12: FINALS- Favorite Performance, Mentor's Choice, Final Song (Top 3)

Drizella (Shabootyquiqui3)
Garret (Obstreperous)
Mother Gothel (Disneygeek)
Anastasia (C_Shizz96)

Females 34 & Younger-
-Ariana Grande (Aj1111)
-Demi Lovato (deshonBANNEDISBACK)

Duos & Groups-
-Fifth Harmony (Mybash_)

Featured Players 4 playing

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FINALS: Performances and Results
9 postsCreated by Shabootyquiqui3 on 2488 days 20 hours ago
Last post by Obstreperous
2488 days 2 hours ago
FINALS: Submission
6 postsCreated by Shabootyquiqui3 on 2493 days 5 hours ago
Last post by C_Shizz96
2491 days 18 hours ago
SEMI-FINALS: Submission
11 postsCreated by Shabootyquiqui3 on 2495 days 20 hours ago
Last post by LittleMix
2493 days 4 hours ago
LIVE SHOW 7: Performances and Results
30 postsCreated by Shabootyquiqui3 on 2496 days 6 hours ago
Last post by Shabootyquiqui3
2496 days 6 hours ago
LIVE SHOW 7: Submission
7 postsCreated by Shabootyquiqui3 on 2499 days 5 hours ago
Last post by Mybash_
2497 days 23 hours ago

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