Diane's Big Brother

Hello! Welcome to Diane's Big Brother: The Inaugural Season! 20 contestants will enter, but only one will emerge victorious! The game will mostly follow the Big Brother USA game, with some elements of Big Brother UK.

Host: DianeRhea


Game Story:
Week 7
Day 43: Juergen wins Ghosts of Diane's Past HOH Competition.
Day 44: Juergen nominates sergeant and I_Pull for eviction.
Day 45: Veto Competition starts.
Day 46: Veto Competition ends. Dmp wins veto and takes sergeant off of the block.

8. yohan47013 (3-2)
9. Tankmiles (4-2)
10. Violet101 (ejected due to inactivity)
11. Abeline (ejected due to inactivity)
12. AxKxAxBatman (4-3)
13. Armorous (ejected due to inactivity)
14. MHens (4-2)
15. grizz3344 (Removed due to inactivity)
16. Awesomeone (Removed due to inactivity)
17. Danielvk (4-3)
18. MattyB (Evicted 6-3)
19. pandaluver (Quit)
20. Jordonk (evicted 10-7)

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Featured Players 6 playing

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Can Wait Till The Summer
1 postCreated by Dmpwb45 on 2836 days 21 hours ago
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2836 days 21 hours ago
Living Room
689 postsCreated by DianeRhea on 3005 days ago
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2863 days 5 hours ago
By the time this game finishes
4 postsCreated by Dmpwb45 on 2894 days 14 hours ago
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2894 days 7 hours ago
3160 postsCreated by DianeRhea on 3004 days 23 hours ago
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2895 days 1 hour ago
This game will never finish!
4 postsCreated by cnathaniel on 2908 days 1 hour ago
Last post by Dmpwb45
2902 days 19 hours ago

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  1. Who should Tengaged's Player vote to evict?2930 days 15 hours ago
  2. Who should Tengaged's Player vote to evict?2933 days 18 hours ago
  3. Who will win POV?2934 days 20 hours ago
  4. Which inactive will stay?2944 days 3 hours ago
  5. Who will win HOH?2946 days 21 hours ago

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