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Vote Winner of HoF #10

Open Poll. Anybody can vote



I won the most competitions, I stuck to my original Deals, and I was never nominated.  I hope you guys can reward my solid gameplay with a vote to win!  GL Eclipse and Amy!




I worked my ass off to get here. I tried to lay low at first, but when Survivor targetted me, I knew I needed to step it up. I went from BARELY surviving a poll to getting straight into the finals. VOTE ME FOR THE WINNER



No Image

plz save me !



  1. TheEclipseTG logic- If there's a group game, you will always lose to the person with no image and basically nothing in the pollbox.
  2. SurvivorFan37ROBBED AGAIN SMH
  3. SurvivorFan37Me.........................
  4. MigoonCUTIE??!! O_O
  5. MigoonThe winner of HoF #10 is..
  6. CaliboyCutie
  7. CheapCheepSurvivor tbh
  8. EM002Survivor!!!!
  9. Eccentro#TeamSurvivor (#TeamEccGotRobbed)
  10. HipposUniteWilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  11. CromatiqueSurvivorFan!
  12. SurvivorFan37I think it's comical bugs doesn't want me to win, the sheer number of haters he has will probably get me a few extra votes. Thanks Bugs!
  13. TDO88Voted *************
  14. adampaulgrantamy
  15. BBsuperfanvoted survivor he won a lot of stuff
  16. Jinxheclitty
  17. IlikebugsVoting theeclipse teh only person who deserved it
  18. MigoonPoll open until 8:00pm EST!

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