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Final 2, Jury Questioning

Topic » Final 2, Jury Questioning

631 days 19 hours ago
631 days 18 hours ago
Welcome, Austyn & Bryan, and congratulations on making the Final 2! Here you will post a speech if you deem necessary. Feel free to explain your game, tie any loose strings, or whatever you feel will help convey to the Jury you deserve to win Nathan's Big Brother. This forum will stay closed to only you two until 10 AM EST tomorrow morning. After that, the Jury will be able to ask any questions or post their thoughts.

Jury - Joey, Brittany, Lake, Houston, Jake, Xakim, Eddie, Zach, & Birks, you have until 5:30 PM EST on Monday 16th to submit a vote for a WINNER. You can change your vote any time until the deadline. I will remind you 24 hours before votes are due, and good luck deciding!
631 days 18 hours ago
Let me just make my little speech and outline my gameplay


I came into this game with the feeling that I did not have many friends here and that if I did know people they were either not very fond of me or we have barely worked together in games before. In the first few rounds I just tried to stay in the background and just make sure I was social with everyone and that in the early game I had connections that would help keep me safe for the first few rounds.

A few rounds in an alliance was formed with Jake, Zach, Eddie, and myself. This was formed AFTER I had already secured a final two with Brittany. While talking with the 3 of them they wanted to take out Brittany as they labeled her as their #1 target. Of course since Brittany was my closest ally I told her everything to make sure that she was in the know and we kept that between us. 

Moving forward I would vote in majority for most of the early game  and then sliding my way to the jury.


When jury hit I had connections with every single person and I felt like I was in a good position for the end. With that being said the first round of jury I vetoed Brittany because she was obviously my final two and that sparked a bit of distaste with the alliance I was in since they were after her. I also had more of an argument with Eddie since I was the swing vote to evict Joey and keep Houston (who I was much closer with in terms of communication and personal connections). At this point I thought that the alliance I was in would turn on me as soon as they could in order to get to Brittany.

I won my first Head of Household on the first double eviction night and I thought that now was the time to make a move if I wanted to . Knowing Zach was probably the most threatening left in the game I nominated him along with Lake in order to hopefully get lake taken off of the block and put Eddie up in order to send Zach home. This ultimately happened but then Eddie used his diamond power of veto and slayed my final two Brittany.

After Brittany left I really only had Houston/Austyn/Xakim/Lake left that I could even remotely count on to consistently keep me safe. Unfortunately the invisible week put me up against Lake where I was able to get 3 votes (Houston/Xakim/Austyn) to save me, but then the next week I lost the HOH in a tight race and then ultimately also lost the veto and became a final nominee with Houston. I was told I would have 3 saves but about 15 minutes before the eviction Jake came to me and told me that it was best for his game that I went home and I went 3-2.

Luckily there was a comeback comp and it was my favorite, Endurance! I stayed awake for the whole 24 hours in order to secure I came back into this game because there was so much unfinished business. That was cut short when Eddie won HOH put me and Xakim up and then ultimately threw me up against Houston for some "Deja Vu." However, this time I was able to flip Birks into keeping me and this was ALL on my own. I consistently spoke to him throughout the day and pleaded my case on why he should keep me and it paid off. I stayed against the person I quite literally just went home against.

The next round we almost got Zach evicted but a penalty vote sent Jake out of the door. Then we thought that AGAIN we got one of Zach/Eddie but Zach won the veto and took off eddie which led to Xakim asking to go up and get evicted against Austyn.

The final five was the most intense as I won my 2nd Head of Household and while I still wanted to take out Zach, Zach won the veto so the next best thing was to take out Eddie which I did.

At final four I secured my spot in the final three by SLAYING the power of veto and casting my vote to evict the best player left in the game Zach.

For this final three I went into it wanting to take Birks to finals because we had a deal. Ultimately I weighed the options and I felt as though while Austyn skated through without any major blood on his hands Birks played a way better game than I did and was perfectly able to play the middle so I took Austyn who did not even show up to majority of the important comps including the final HOH>

I know I already got evicted in this game, but I put my heart and soul into every week and I truly think that I deserve to win.
631 days 18 hours ago
**** 5:30 PM EST SUNDAY MAY 16th votes are due!
631 days 2 hours ago
Hello, former Houseguests. I would like to preface my speech by saying I am truly blessed to be on of the final two in a cast that was incredibly stacked. This game was certainly not easy but my goal all along was to give myself the easiest road possible to the final 2 and I more than succeeded in that. I understand people may think that I did nothing this game however, that notion is untrue. I used my social game to a tee so I was NEVER in danger of going home this entire game. This is a true testament to the relationships I built while inside the big brother house.

A quick preamble on the prejury portion of the game: I positioned myself well with quite frankly every single player in the game. I created a chat with myself, Jake, Zach and Birks to ensure we were on the same page in the early days even though that chat faded in the latter days. I improved my relationships with Joey, Lake, Bryan, Eddie and Xakim individually. The only people in the game come jury who I knew would nominate me were Houston/Brittany. These people weren’t spoken to in-depth by me on purpose. I needed scapegoats on the off chance I won HOH. I won a POV comp when I felt genuinely nervous after Houston nominated me demonstrating that I am more than capable of winning a competition. I never intended to win most HOHs because I was situated well socially with every single houseguest.

Since Bryan went through every eviction I may as well do the same.


I never wanted Joey to go here I voted against Houston and had my vote blocked. Joey was loyal and would have kept me safe Houston had previously nominated me. The vote didn’t go as intended but it would’ve had Houston not used his power.


Bryan attempted to make a move and get out Zach. I never had any intention on voting out Zach at this stage because he would win comps and keep me safe. Why do the dirty work when other people would. Brittany was extremely outspoken against me in another group game so the second she hit the block she was ALWAYS getting my vote.


This one is very similar to the last nomination. I voted out Lake because Bryan was a bigger threat and would win comps and not even think to nominate me. Lake was someone who I felt I wasn’t as high on his totem pole as others. Well I absolutely enjoyed the friendship Bryan was quite frankly more valuable than Lake was too me at this point in the game.

For both of those two votes I was able to use my relationships to quickly do some damage control so no one on either side would nominate me after I was clearly sitting in the middle.


I voted out Houston similarly to the reason I had listed for Lake. Houston was the only person in the game I wasn’t close to at this stage. Bryan went then immediately returned.


So this is when I won my second POV and chose to save Xakim. The decision was twofold. Firstly, the side of Zach/Jake/Eddie would not be cross with me for saving Bryan and I left the large target on the block. Secondly, the replacement nominee was the person who I had the least connection with in the game while saving someone who I spoke to arguably the most in the game. Ensuring one of my mains Xakim was safe while getting rid of the person who I felt the most uncomfortable with.


I evicted Jake over Zach simply because I knew they were a F2 and Zach would’ve made me his new F2 whereas I’m unsure if Jake would have. Once again I voted based off of what would keep me in the HIGHEST standing with everyone in the house.


I was nominated. I was very disappointed when he volunteered himself to be on the block next to me. Not only did he do that but he asked to be evicted. I had just double crossed him in another group game so I could sense the emotion was high.


Once again I was on the block. Sense a trend? At this point in the game I did think that everyone left was taking me to the final 2. This once again demonstrates the social bonds I created.


I was never going home here. It was always going to be Bryan or Zach because they butted heads the entire game. Losing Zach was tough however had he been sitting here instead of Bryan I think I’d have a 0% chance of winning.


TBH. I had a family thing come up last minute so I couldn’t make it back. But, I did not think Bryan would take me over Birks. I think this is an example of Bryan attempting to overplay.

In conclusion!

Throughout this game I ensured I was in the best social standing with the players that were left. In addition to this I constantly made sure the person who I wasn’t as connected with or was lower on their totem pole. I had 0 votes to evict despite being on the block numerous times. This is because of the social game I played.

I won 2 POVs to ensure that myself and one of my closest allies was safe. I showed up to win comps when I needed to. I didn’t need to win the bulk of the season because of the relationships I formed with you all.

My overall thoughts about my game is LESS IS MORE. I think Bryan overplayed and made enemies along the way. I played a great game and demonstrated that you don’t need to always have your back against the wall and win comps if people like you and trust you. I am very proud of how I played and I will put this money towards my family and potentially expanding with another cat who knows!

I appreciate all questions I’ll answer as many as I can. Love you all, no other group I’d rather be locked in a house for a month with.
631 days 1 hour ago
Not you thinking the great game being barely speaking to people the second half of the game and then on top of that not showing up to competitions LMAO. There were multiple people who talked about how horrible your social game was and the only reason you stayed for so long was simply due to the fact you put almost no effort into the game in the second half. You saying you did not even need to be here to be safe is very cocky in itself meaning you knew that since you were playing badly you would just get taken LOL!
631 days 1 hour ago
I was in good social standings with most players. That is a good social game. I never had a vote cast against me. I was never evicted.

I missed TWO HOH competitions the entire season. I am unsure where you are going with this me not showing up? I addressed one because I had a family thing come up last minute, which I addressed. The other was a double eviction and I didn’t even realize that we had another HOH. Either way had I showed up to any HOH i was never planning on winning them I was always throwing them because I didn’t need to win. So before you spout thoughts about me not showing up fact check yourself. I will no longer be addressing you because I am here to listen to the JURY. I am not here to have you try to put me down in order to lift yourself up.
631 days 1 hour ago
Grats on making it here <3.

Bryan - Some people think you don’t deserve the T$ prize or the win since you were eliminated and came back. As someone who previously won Nathan’s series after being eliminated and coming back, this one hits particularly hard to me. Tell me why they’re wrong and why you do, in fact, deserve to win despite being evicted at one point

Austyn - We didn’t really talk much, but others in the jury are really hyping on your social game. Some others like myself and Jake feel like we didn’t have the same experience. What was your game plan in choosing who to chat with and align with? Was it solely based on pre existing relationships? Or was there anyone you didn’t know before this that you considered a tight ally?

Good luck ❤️ Very interested to see who joins me in the winners circle
631 days 1 hour ago
Houston's Question

I can fully understand why people do not think I should win solely because I was already evicted and I think that is just wrong. Even on the week I was evicted I put in 110% to talk to people who were voting and to sway their decision. I had the votes at the beginning of the day and Jake decided to flip his vote and tell me 15 minutes before the eviction. I am very confident in saying that if I had just a few more minutes to talk to Jake that he would have kept me and I would have never went home in the first place. With that being said I worked very hard staying awake for 24 hours to beat Joey in that comeback competition. Ever since being evicted I was the top target for multiple people in this game and despite that I was able to then flip the tables and stay against the person whom I just got evicted against and then either winning competitions or securing my safety with people like Birks, Xakim, and Austyn and after that week I was never a final nominee and on top of that took out 3 people who played stellar games for 5th, 4th, and 3rd.
631 days 1 hour ago
Hello jurors, I’ll make my questions simple

Please explain the sexy qualities nmh95 holds.

Please describe why MrBird/Raul sucks in a 7-8 sentence paragraph. The best one gets my vote basically.

The reason for such useless questions? I love you both and both played good games for lake to vote for, but both didn’t play a good enough game for a generic person to vote for. So that’s why my questions are personal, so with that in mind good luck final 2, May the best mental case win.
630 days 21 hours ago
Well I’m leaning towards one way already but to solidify my choice let’s ask these questions

Eilish why should I vote for you? And I want a personal reason to why Xakim should vote you not for why EVERYONE vote you but me alone.

Austyn you broke my trust that it caused me to basically give up my drive and passion even for this game, why should I vote for you to win

Once my questions have been answered my vote will be secured! Congratulations to both of you and at the end of the day to all the bitter jurors who are complaining, let them because you’re sitting here in the f2 and they (us) are not!
630 days 19 hours ago
Lake's Question

Nathan has many sexy qualities and some most notably being the fact he was able to keep calm and put up with the non stop whining and crying of eddie for two weeks straight. That quality mixed in with his great thighs make him a very sexy person

Raul sucks for many reasons as well most notably the fact that he sucks at the game league of legends. He is also very much a shady lady when it comes to group games having slayed me in several the most recent one being Endurance. Raul is very much an acquired taste that no one can acquire because he has the personality of a rock and a hamburger bun. I have not met someone so bland and full of a salty flavor. His ability to bore a room with just one word coming out of his mouth truly amazes me and will always make me remember just how bad he is. I also think that what makes him suck is his slight odor of the doritos locos tacos from taco bell that lingers with him everywhere he moves. I think that for all of these reasons that he does in fact suck.
630 days 19 hours ago
Xakim's Question

You should vote for me because across many games including this one I have been loyal to you day in and day out. You were quite obviously my #1 after Brittany went closely followed by Houston. I would have kept you in this game if you wanted to stay because I know that your word and your loyalty is unbreakable. You are one of the most loyal people I play games with and even when we argue and we make sly comments we both know that our loyalty to each other is strong and business will always be business no matter our relationship.
630 days 19 hours ago
Congrats to you both .

Eilish I saw you said during the final hoh “what social game “ in response to one of the answers I assume , however you evicted me and ignored me that whole time I was nominated when without a Houston’s vote block I’d still be in the game . What was your reasoning behind that choice and why.

Austyn- you were pretty loyal to me and I knew that as soon as we played survivor together and we voted together, unlike eilish you actually did talk to me when I was nominated however we didn’t speak til I won my hoh where as Bryan spoke to me day 1. What was the reasoning for that? ( I do understand it goes both way )
630 days 19 hours ago

Bryan - A lot of individuals are upset with how you spoke to them in and out of the game, as based on how you decided to jump Austyn in this forum after he posted his speech I can see why people may feel that way, despite me personally not really being a victim of said behavior. How do you feel about jury management as an aspect of the game, and do you think you managed the jury well?

Austyn - What was your biggest move or play in the game? Biggest lie? I wanna see something you did or can point where you can say I did THAT

GL both of you :)
630 days 18 hours ago
Austyn - We didn’t really talk much, but others in the jury are really hyping on your social game. Some others like myself and Jake feel like we didn’t have the same experience. What was your game plan in choosing who to chat with and align with? Was it solely based on pre existing relationships? Or was there anyone you didn’t know before this that you considered a tight ally?

Hey Houston,

The people I chose to spoke to initially were people that I had previously played games with. In the past we may have not necessarily worked closely together but I used the fact that we’ve played together to get my foot in the door with Bryan, Lake, Zach and Birks. It was an easy way to break the ice. In addition to this, I chose to speak to people who had early success in competitions I.e. Eddie and I began talking when we were the top two in the first HOH competition. Prior to entering the game I wouldn’t say I was really close with anyone tbh. Zach and I were in three group games together and used it as an excuse to become friends throughout the game.

In regards to me not speaking to you as much that was by plan. I needed a scapegoat on the off chance that I won HOH. And unfortunately that became you, and you even stated that when you nominated me that I would’ve done the same (nominated you) and that is true.

I am kind of taken aback that Jake is in the same boat because we did speak on personal things such as where he’s from and about that. What I don’t think many people know about me is I’m not the type of person to make small talk with someone and get to know them. I definitely keep conversations more game based quite simply because thats just how I operate. I have no qualms with getting to know people on a personal level outside of games but inside id much rather focus on the game. Jake was one of the few people that I had personal conversations with.

I would say Xakim is someone whom I am actually very close with now. He is one of the few people who I actually believe I’ll be friends with for quite some time and we did not know each other or ever cross paths prior to this game.

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