Gift Giveaway-Single Elimination Bracket Polls


  1. Elite 8-D4- LoveLife and malachite052923 days 23 hours ago
  2. Elite 8-D3- SSDZ and redsoxjc2923 days 23 hours ago
  3. Elite 8-D2- NIzzy and dragotistic2923 days 23 hours ago
  4. Elite 8-D1- Insanity and atti122923 days 23 hours ago
  5. Tiebreaker- LoveLife and RachelReilly12926 days 22 hours ago
  6. D4-R3-P2- LoveLife and RachelReilly12930 days 23 hours ago
  7. D4-R3-P1- DJ2230 and malachite052930 days 23 hours ago
  8. D3-R3-P2- Davey and redsoxjc2930 days 23 hours ago
  9. D3-R3-P1- SSDZ and Niallfew12930 days 23 hours ago
  10. D2-R3-P2- NIzzy and porschefan1012930 days 23 hours ago
  11. D2-R3-P1- dragotistic and cubsguy8312930 days 23 hours ago
  12. D1-R3-P2- andrewsloan35 and atti122930 days 23 hours ago
  13. D1-R3-P1- Insanity and babebee2930 days 23 hours ago
  14. Tiebreaker- rockybfdi and redsoxjc2934 days 2 hours ago
  15. D4-R2-P4- Benronfficial76 and RachelReilly12935 days 21 hours ago
  16. D4-R2-P3- LoveLife and thebitchuation2935 days 21 hours ago
  17. D4-R2-P2- malachite05 and Lynette2935 days 21 hours ago
  18. D4-R2-P1- tyboy618 and DJ22302935 days 21 hours ago
  19. D3-R2-P4- rockybfdi and redsoxjc2935 days 21 hours ago
  20. D3-R2-P3- Davey and Chlltownofcourse2935 days 21 hours ago

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Gift Giveaway-Single Elimination Bracket

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