Non-Stop Stars

Idea taken/inspired by JamieN8954

In short it's basically a mix of stars and survivor (Tengaged Version).

This is game works in the same basic way as regular stars. You lock in 2 people for nominations (via any communication method available) and the 2 people with the most votes goes up for a public poll. The person with least % stays in the game, the person with most % leaves the game. Unlike the regular stars though. The game halts on Day 9 after the 9th place is decided. There will be 8 people have left the game and 8 people that have left in the game - the half point of game.

The players will then have a choice; continue to play the game or quit the game. Depending who stays and who goes, a certain amount of new people will enter the game. Eg. If no one quits, 8 new people will then enter the house and the game begins from the start again. If everyone left quit; a whole new cast would enter the game. The game will then begin again and the cycle will continue. Another difference will be that the polls will last for 24 hours rather than the regular the 12 hours. Meaning the first "completed" game should last 9 days.

The point of the game is survival - to last for however many days that you can by any means necessary. I will record how many days you last and how many polls you survive. By the way if you do get evicted/quit at half-way. You cannot be re-entered into the game until 3 "completed" games have passed.

Speaking of which, I will pick who enters for the next game. It doesn't matter how early you applied I pick the cast not you. But in saying that, the earlier you do enter the better chance you have of playing.

Also, in order to get more investment in your noms and to give me a better context on whose controlling the game. You must give a reason as to why you are nomming who you are nomming otherwise your vote will not count.

Twists may occur at any point during the game; such as double evictions, the game lasting longer than its suppose too, etc.

One last thing, you can change your nominations but please PM at least 5 minutes before the Day change time.


• damo1990 (Entered - Day 1 /Evicted on Day 11)
• Yellowpenguin (Entered - Day 1 /Evicted on Day 12)
• Padfoot (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day 13)
• WillTraitor (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day 14)
• Jaybirdnifty (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day 15)
• moviedude (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day 16)
• Sloth_Roman (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day 17)

[Current Cast] - Day 18 (Overall)

• Amnesia_ (Entered - Day 1 /Evicted on Day ???)

• Birks4444 (Entered - Day 1 /Evicted on Day ???)

• BigBrotherDonny (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day ???)

• Jjvawesomeness0511 (Entered - Day 1 /Evicted on Day ???)

• JourdanBabyXoXo (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day ???)

• J2999 (Entered - Day 1 /Evicted on Day ???)

• lhooper902976 (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day ???)

• RedsKanto (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day ???)

• VegasBoy94 (Entered - Day 10 /Evicted on Day ???)

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