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169 days 2 hours ago
Read Description. This show is Game of Thrones inspired. Not everyone will get to be a lord, lady, princess or prince. There will be death, politics, and twist possibly some mythical creatures and magic. There are 7 places of Residence to choose from please check out the Kingdoms of the Shadowlands:

Be Original with your last names, land names and banner ideas. (No Starks, Lannister, Tyrell or GoT names make it your own or I’ll message you to change it up)

Season 2: Will take place after the burning of the Capital Edella in the Season 1 Finale. Feel free to mail me and we can talk character ideas and about Season 1 to update you on what you should know.

Name: (First and Last)
Age: (18-100)
Region: (Example: Kingdom: The Mines, Region: Coal Field Castle; Make Up A Region or choose the main castle or keep listed in the Kingdom descriptions. PM if you Have Questions)
Would You Want To Be a Lord, Lady, Prince, Princess:
Character Traits:
Face Claims: (List 2)

Returning Characters:
Check the Cast List if your Character has [Dead] they did not survive the Dragon Assault Apply as a new character.

Character Name:
Face Claim:
169 days 2 hours ago
~Season Start Date: im Looking Between Christmas and Winter Break~
169 days 1 hour ago
Character Name: Rowena Zelroth
Kingdom: Unionlands
Face Claim: Indira Varma
169 days 1 hour ago
Character Name: Radcliffe Chioma
Kingdom: The Mines
Face Claim: Jamie Dornan
169 days 1 hour ago
Character Name: Duncan Stoneshire
Kingdom: The Storm Front
Face Claim: Xavier Samuel
169 days ago
Name: Clay "Loner" Levandowski
Age: 20
Kingdom: The Icelands
Region: Valley of Death
Would You Want To Be a Lord, Lady, Prince, Princess: Maybe eventually but not now.
Character Traits: Observant, Guarded, Resourceful, Thoughtful
Description: Loner is an orphan who lives in an abandoned valley in the Icelands away from the main keep. His parents were murdered by thieves on a scouting expedition and he was left abandoned in the wilderness. After surviving for years waiting to be rescued he returned to the keep a jaded and hardened person. Gathering supplies he returned to the Valley and made it his home. Prefering solitude over companionship, Clay returns to the keep every so often to cash in on furs he's made from animals he's hunted and to gather more supplies. Recently he's taken up guiding people through the Icelands to the other regions due to his unprecedented knowledge of the area as well as acting as a sellsword but never remaining employed under one person too long.
Hearing news of the Capitol's burning doesn't bother him much as he's not close with any characters there, but he's worried about potential backlash against him for his neighbors actions during the battle. He's become increasingly more untrusting and guarded with strangers based on this fact alone.

Face Claims:

Chris Kael

Ivan Moody
169 days ago
Name: (First and Last) Katarzyna Tobias

Age: (18-100) 19

Kingdom: Unionlands

Region: The Main Castle

Would You Want To Be a Lord, Lady, Prince, Princess: No. I would love to be a lady in waiting

Character Traits: Mysterious, Curious, innocent, wise
Description: Katarzyna was born into a poor family. The struggle was hard because she is in fact blind. It was hard for her parents to take care of her so they gave her up to the castle and work for the princess. She grew up in a world of darkness and she finds it hard to connect with people. She tries very hard to be a good lady in waiting and has grown very close to the princess. Katarzyna works alone and has increased her other senses to live in this world.

Face Claims: (List 2)

Victoria Justice


168 days 23 hours ago
Name: Ashlynn Mercer
Age: 23
Kingdom: Eden
Region: Stormfront

I want to be the princess

Characteristics: Nice, Talented, and Funny

Bio: Ashlynn is one a nice girl who loves singing and dancing. She also loves riding horses and taking care of animals

Face Claim: Carrie Underwood or Amber Marshall
168 days 23 hours ago
Martin Blackwell
Richard Madden
168 days 19 hours ago
Character Name: Qiyana Qadir
Kingdom: Unionlands
Face Claim:
168 days 19 hours ago
Name: (First and Last) Dante Altadonna
Age: (18-100) 30
Kingdom: The Mines
Region: Coal Field Castle
Would You Want To Be a Lord, Lady, Prince, Princess: No
Character Traits: Flirtatious, reckless, intelligent, emotional.
Description: Dante, having saved his sister from her fate, has been working on saving himself from his own. He's been making deals and flirting with the right people to gain himself his freedom, trying to get back to his sister to make sure she's safe and well. Upon learning of the death of his precious sister Amora, he's out for blood and he has one name that he is sure to be the one to blame... Radcliffe Chioma.
Face Claims: (List 2)
Aaron Taylor-Johnson (as the Pietro look)
Lucky Blue Smith
168 days 18 hours ago
Character Name: Lu'ketsya
Kingdom: Edella (originally the Stampede Lands)
Face Claim: Q'orianka Kilcher
167 days 12 hours ago
Character Name: Heloise Esclamonde
Kingdom: Edella (originally Eden)
Face Claim: Lotte Verbeek
166 days 21 hours ago
Character Name: Cordelia “Cor” Fletcher/Golds
Kingdom: Eden
Face Claim: Imogen Poots
166 days ago
Name: Fleur Mercier
Age: 25
Kingdom: The Mines
Region: Goldentooth Peek
Would You Want To Be a Lord, Lady, Prince, Princess: Hopefully she may soon take the crown.
Character Traits: distinguished, poised, clever, discreet, guiding, influential
Description: Fleur Mercier and Hera Gold grew up together, sharing fond memories from their childhood. After the Gold siblings inherited becoming the head of the Peek, Fleur made it her mission to take up the role as Hera’s close confidant and royal advisor. In wake of Tyrus' death and the burning of the capital, Fleur understands Hera is in dire need of guidance and is willing to capitalize on such reliance. Fleur intends on pushing her hidden agenda to move up ranks whilst keeping her dear friend in check.
Face Claims: (1) Adelaide Kane
(2) Florence Pugh
165 days 19 hours ago
Name: (First and Last) David "Davey Karshark" Karken
Age: (18-100) 30
Kingdom: Stormfront
Region: Pirates Cove
Would You Want To Be a Lord, Lady, Prince, Princess: Not Really
Character Traits: Cunning, Brash, Outgoing
Description: Davey Karshark grew up on the water from an early age so much he knows his ship better then he knows of the land of Stormfront. Everyone thinks David being on the water is better for everyone as Davey tends to rub everyone he meets the wrong way as he is very brash and loud. After hearing the news of the capital burning  Davey feels like now is the best time to be a mercenary of the sea with little law and lots of gold to be made.
Face Claims: (1) Zach Mcgowan
(2) Travis Fimmel

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