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117 days 9 hours ago

Do you know what this means Tempest that I can claim half the lands for my own
*She points to the passage in the Laws of Eden*
Whatever he has spent the Gold on will be half of mine as well. My councilors or his councilors are forced to tell me everything
Tempest: This is a quick move do you think you’re being haste about it?
Cordelia: I think so my brother thinks he can run me and keep me away from the matters of Eden. He is WRONG! Our parents left Eden for both of us and I plan to do my part now.
Tempest: Martin has yet to declare for anyone since he left with the Tiger Queen I have been dealing with Edith while he deals with her
Cordelia: *Taps her finger on the book* I have options as well to build my power in the eyes of these other royals and that’s what I shall do
*She closes the book*
Tempest: *Looks at her smiling* Yes my princess
Cordelia: *Smiles* I hope your travels back to the Icelands is a good one see you soon my friend
*She stands up exiting the hall*
117 days 9 hours ago
Hera: *Turns looking at her brother with a faint smile*
Brother. Have you swooned the Princess yet?
Tyrus: Not yet! That matter is no longer your business ok?
Hera: *Turns to her brother* Don’t tell me you’re falling for the little Eden girl..
Tyrus: So what if I am she is a good woman. It means a better working alliance for both Kingdoms when it’s time to Usurp you know who
Hera: Shut your mouth Tyrus these wall have ears of their own if it is heard we are talking about any rebellion it will not turn out so well for us.
Tyrus: Well we have the bloody “Tiger Queen” rebelling already we will be fine sister I assure of it
Hera: Oh we will be fine
Tyrus: You have a spot on Edith’s Council
Hera: As do you now...little brother she wants the opinion of both of us
Tyrus: Both our opinions will mean something now my sweet sister
Hera: *Looks out of the window* Unfortunately...
117 days 9 hours ago
*Walks into the Council room: Aleggra, Tyrus, Hera, Adolamin, Heloise and Lu’k would be seated*
Edith: Lord and Ladies welcome. I want to get this started with Saying my crowning will commence on the morrow are there any objections to that?
~She looks around the table~
On to the next matter of business it’s been a Month Since Ashrah Kahn left the capital with Martin Brackwell and other rebels. Has there been any word from Lord Brackwell? Any intelligence like he promised...
Aleggra: My associates have not seen or heard anything of Ashrah Kahn and her allies in the Shadowlands it might be they are overseas
Edith: Overseas planning their rebellion. Lady Lafayette has been in control of the Iceland armies since Brackwells leave she has been cooperative any news on her intentions
Aleggra: My friends tell me She is headed back to the Icelands to man all the armies and bring them back to the capital to fight for you Your Grace.
Heloise: The gods have shown nothing but good things in the future Your Grace your armies are well put together thanks to the Golds and Eden. Then the native tribes of the Stampede Land
*She would glance at Lulu*
Lu’Ketsya: My people are willing to fight along side the men of the Stampede Lands
Edith: My Lady Lu’Ketsya when I’m crowned on the Morrow the men of the Stampede Lands will Be Your men the lands will be yours to rule and organize you do understand this?
Lu’Ketsya: *Looks up at Edith shocked with a smile on her face stumbling on her words* Uh...Yes..Your Grace
Hera: *Would glance at her with disgust and then looks to Edith*
There was actually a tiding that your Mistresses of Whispers did not hear.
Aleggra: Oh trust me I have heard about the Mines and their unfortunate loss of a Dragon my lady don’t mistaken my knowledge
Hera: Not of the Dragon. But of Rowena Zelroth I heard she plans to convene at Sun Tag I say we go apprehend her and bring her to the capital my lady.
Edith: *Turns back look at her council*
Heloise: If we can get one of the Rebels advisors we should do the attack it would be wise to start the war and finish it before the enemies have time to take a leap
Edith: Who do I se-
Hera: Send my brother he is an expert marksman and you can also send the Kings Champion Serid. They worked well together younger I’m sure they will work for you my queen
*She looks at Tyrus*
Right brother?
Tyrus: If Your Grace wants me and Serid to storm Sun Tag for Rowena Zelroth it would be my pleasure to bring her in.
Edith: As it should be your duty she escaped under your watch you can man a battalion and head out with the Queens Champion to Sun Tag I want Rowena Alive. We will convene after my crowning.
*She walks out of the room*
117 days 9 hours ago

The dragon is real?
Maester: Yes m’lord He was seen flying from the Mines he flew over to the Stormfront.
Martin: *He sits back in his chair* I need more council. While I was away Ashrah did impress me, but the armies of Edith look stronger and to protect my people we may have to side with her no matter where my heart is
Maester: And you did say they found “The Dragon Fire Horn”
Martin: They say they did but I have yet to see it the Pirate Queen has yet to show me and it’s understandable
*He looks at it*
If I side with Edith and they can bring forth a dragon screwed. The decision I make will have catastrophic choices no matter what I pick.
Maester: Yes M’lord the decision must be made but this is your choice alone the Icelands will follow as you please. Lady of The Stormfront has arrived and the Princess expects your company soon so you can discuss battle strategy
Martin: *Looks up*
Thanks again Maester and Infront of her be sure to call her Queen someone was tossed overboard for making that mistake
*He nods standing up walking towards the War Room*
117 days 9 hours ago
Rafael: *Looks at his sword up back at Rowena* We got the horn the question now is does it work
Rowena: *Looks at him* The Horn is Hidden currently or I would blow it just to test the theory. But news is the dragon in the Mines escaped I’m unsure how the horn works when I blow it but if it works like it’s said to no matter the outcome we will win the War
Rafael: I hope so the Queen has put a lot on the line I hope we can keep our word to her and protect her.
Rowena: Oh darling, she is a queen for a reason her growth to the title is what impresses me with her she is eager to prove her enemies wrong and eager to give back to the people. If we are to have a monarch ruling these lands I’d rather it be her one of my people than some Oxheart filth in power
Rafael: I agree the Oxheart line will be done after the wars to come
*He looks at her*
Rowena: I might need you to accompany me to Suntag I have let it slip that I would be there. So when they send guest I want to be sure I can welcome them. The queen has Sirius who will protect her I’ll ask and we will get your leave
Rafael: A chance to kill someone
*He nods lightly*
It would be an honor to kill these scums at your side
Rowena: Excellent we will get your leave.
*She smiles*

^They’ve left me here for who knows how long...their their nothing^
*He sits in the corner shackled up shaking as the cold air in the Icelands freezes his breath*
Lorelei: *Walks in And sits across Duncan* Duncan Stoneshire we are willing to let you go and be put under royal watch if you agree to never try and claim the Stormfront as your own we will appoint you new lands as reparations for you giving up your title as the Lord of the Stormfront
Duncan: *Looks in her direction*
If I disagree are you gonna just leave me in here....
Lorelei: We are in the Icelands now if I leave you here you know what will happen
Duncan: *Lets out a small shiver*
Lorelei: The choice is easy Duncan live a peaceful life as a smaller lord find a wife after the war and Queen Ashrah brings equality to the Shadowlands. That would be a great ending most men die tragically like in a ship in the Icelands freezing to death in their own waste
Duncan: *Shivers*
^If I don’t I die....if I do and try to reclaim what’s mine I Die I have no backing I have to start over...I need to escape somehow^
Lorelei: *Begins walking to the exit^
Duncan: *Lets out a shrieked demand* WAIT! please I’ll do whatever
Lorelei: *Turns slightly back* Great to hear your guard will help you clean up and get settled
Duncan: *Watches Her leave as two guards walk in grabbing Duncan bringing him out to see daylight after 30days of complete darkness*
^Atlast the torture ends^
117 days 9 hours ago
(This Episode Will take Place in Two different locations and there is a Month time Skip from the last episode.


Episode Date is Looking to be either Wednesday or Thursday I will ask and see what dates work best for you!)
116 days 7 hours ago
~This Episode~

*Takes one month after the last episode there will be some flashbacks this episode that I will mail people about.

Today: Chill day
Tomorrow: The Crowning Ceremony @5 PM PAC 8 PM EST 1 AM GMT
FRIDAY: The Sun Tag Invasion I’ll mail the people involved after this occurs episode will END
116 days 3 hours ago
~You May post remember your characters Location it’s posted above some characters will travel~
116 days 3 hours ago
*Walks through Wintercastle glancing at the snow falling*
116 days 3 hours ago
Qiyana looks out a window, gazing over the land and thinking of the future.
116 days 3 hours ago
*Rowena ties a knot on her robe, a tub full of now cool water sits a few feet away. She shudders.*
What a terrible place this is! And people speak ill of the Unionlands!
*She turns to her borrowed wardrobe chest; rummaging through it hastily.*
116 days 3 hours ago
*radcliffe is around edella carefully looking around being cautious because of what he had heard before*
^Once a criminal always a criminal..... She knows nothing I’m no criminal^
116 days 3 hours ago
-Sirius looks over at Ashrah-
   You know I have always love the snow. Something so pure about it.
116 days 3 hours ago
*stands on the balcony of my room overlooking my lands*

^good to be home^
116 days 3 hours ago
Qiyana returns back from her daydream-like state, shaking her head and sighing. She exits her room, walking around the castle.
116 days 3 hours ago
* Cordelia gets ready to head to the library*

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