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The Final 3

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Day 1 I offered each of these two an alliance. Grace offered me one a day later, but still wasn't 100% loyal, but most of my noms still went up. I went up twice through the whole game, and was unnommed to F9. Now they're saying I'm lying, GL anyways Sem/Gr


Out of 26 noms, I nommed correctly 23 times. The only 2 times I went up, the vote was split. I joined a f3 with Rocker and Prince, but later made alliances w/ Semaj and Manalord. I'm glad I was able to work hard enough to make it here. gl rocker/semaj!


Please click my button I worked hard to get here with many allies, I had one main ally and we both made it here! I was nommed two times and survived both
Please click my button
gl rocker and grace


  1. JordanLloydFanlove me some grace5
  2. Tyler93rocker
  3. Mikey04wpHaaaa
  4. SexyTexVoted for Grace
  5. Grace5oh i just saw that i messaged u that same day replying but i messaged it to rocketokid13 :x i must've clicked the wrong name...but still you only said "hey i remember you from our castings!" you never asked me for an alliance :)
  6. Rocker917Grace as soon as I saw the cast, I mailed you asking for an alliance and then 2 DCs later you mailed me back asking for an alliance and I accepted
  7. DarriusdabestRocker
  8. Grace5ALSO rocker i offered you an alliance :x i feel like you're lying in everything you're telling them!
  9. SeanInDCrocker
  10. sahmoseanGRACE
  11. kevinbryan22Voted for Rocker
  12. Grace5and all the noms i told you actually DID go through, even when i told you that it was princebacons fault for not nomming. he may've nommed, idk. I just didn't want you to know that i nommed him :x just wanted to get that out there lol
  13. semajomg I am not spamming I just asked like 1 friend
  14. Grace5Rocker, most of the noms you told me to i didn't do :x i like you as a person! but every time you went up, or princebacon went up, i orchestrated it by telling semaj/manalord :x
  15. unkownnot rocker
  16. honeybunch1semaj
  17. denisg29semaj
  18. CromatiqueRocker
  19. NoChildSupportROCKER
  20. IDontCareILoveItBroI voted, and if there's an all star season I hope to be returning. c;
  21. m7md26Voted gl!

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