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This is a big brother style game, the public will have some influence randomly but the players will have the ultimate power and every 6-12 hours someone will be evicted.

----> #Concept&Format: #BasicInformation
I: Players will fight for HoH in a poll.
II: The HoH must nomminte 2 others for eviction.
III: 6 players will have a chance to fight for PoV. [Random.org]
IV: Every 6-12 hours someone will be evicted.
V: Twist and advantages will be hidden around the game.
VI: Players must communicate through messages or skype.

----> #PollRules:
Anytime a player is fighting for HoH or on the block they will be entered in a poll.
Fellow houseguest and or public will decide your fate, the person with the highest percentage % will be HoH or evicted.

----> #DiaryRoom: Mandatory and punishable if not completed.
Houseguest will be asked to leave diary room sessions everytime a houseguest is evicted and a new HoH is crowned. Yes, each player will be asked to leave a D.R session, everyday! this will help the public get a peak at what you were thinking that round! : ) *they will be mandatory and players could be PUNISHED by not keeping up with the diary room rules. #BigBrotherUK

Players that quit before final 9 will automatically be replaced with a *NEW houseguest.

@All rights reserved to zwooper and CBS 2017.
> #Prize: 800T
Players will be fighting for a GIFT, (any gift of their choice from any of their favorite shop owners or designers)

Remember, someone's always watching...
Day1 HOH MisterPredaa has nominated Batya and BrendaMeekz
Day1 POV GayJohnny saved BrendaMeekz from the block
Day1 HOH MisterPredaa has selected final nominees Batya and Moretimer
Day1 Participants evicted Batya
Day2 HOH Yellowpenguin has nominated GayJohnny And Finnick for the double eviction
Day2 Big Brother has nominated Yellowpenguin
Day2 Nominees Finnick vs GayJhonny vs Yellowpenguin
Day2 POV GayJhonny has saved himself from the block
Day2 Nominees Finnick vs Yellowpenguin vs MoneyNeil 
Day2 Diamond POV DrG2 has saved Yellowpenguin and replaced him with papalouiesfansfan
Day2 Final nominees Finnick vs papalouiesfansfan vs MoneyNeil

Featured Players 6 playing

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DAY 3: Diary Room
10 postsCreated by Avalon on 1167 days 12 hours ago
Last post by papalouiesfansfan
1160 days 18 hours ago
DAY 2: Nomination Ceremony
6 postsCreated by Avalon on 1168 days 19 hours ago
Last post by Yellowpenguin
1163 days 3 hours ago
DAY 3: Power of Veto
8 postsCreated by Avalon on 1165 days 22 hours ago
Last post by Yellowpenguin
1163 days 3 hours ago
DAY 3: Nommintion Ceremony
3 postsCreated by Avalon on 1166 days 12 hours ago
Last post by Kelly2722
1166 days 4 hours ago
7 postsCreated by Avalon on 1167 days 12 hours ago
Last post by Matty2002
1166 days 13 hours ago

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  4. DAY 2: Care-Package1168 days 19 hours ago
  5. DAY 1: EVICTION 1168 days 22 hours ago

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