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The Music Wars: 7 Deadly Sins (Redeux?)

Survivor + Music = The Music Wars
Each round, two teams consisting of singers will compete in musical challenges to win immunity. Losing team will vote off one of its members until the merge. Then it's anyone's game.

Once an artist makes it to the merge, it will be locked out FOREVER.

Season 1: Flyleaf
Season 2: Resurgence: Versa Emerge
Season 3: Express: Reba Mcentire
Season 4: Four Seasons: Aaliyah
Season 5: Mosh Pit: Alicia Keys
Season 6: Sixth Siren: Alisan Porter
Season 7: 7 Deadly Sins: Sandy Lam
Season 8: Secret 8gents: ???

Will you write your name in the book of the beast?

1st SANDY LAM // ilovetosing

2nd RAG’N’BONE MAN // hayden9102
3rd LOBODA // Kisa
4th AFI // tbrown_47
5th COLDPLAY // Moviemusicguy123
6th TORI KELLY // stuartlittle16
7th INDILA // Midiaw
8th HALEY REINHART // Jameslu
9th AMY SHARK // Becksta20
10th AJR // zorbo678
11th DAWN RICHARD // snick427
12th CARRIE UNDERWOOD // Tommy123

----------PRE-MERGE ELIMINATION LINE----------------
11th DAWN RICHARD // snick427  **RESURRECTED**
12th COLDPLAY // Moviemusicguy123 **RESURRECTED**
13th MABEL // CalebDaBoss
14th SHAWN MENDES // nhl8765554321
15th SABRINA CLAUDIO // Macda27
16th ELODIE // Talian
17th SIA // Girllover101
18th KE$HA // CakelikeEvv

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here. The seventh devil shall appear.

Featured Players 1 playing

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The Music Wars: 7 Deadly Sins (Redeux?)

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