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Survivor: Japan

Hello and welcome, I am your host, TheGreat! This is Survivor, where normal Tengagers go to exotic places to compete for the grand prize of being added to my gift list!

For our first season, 18 people will be headed to an uninhabited island off the coast of Japan, where one will be crowned Sole Survivor! Who will win?


??? (Second RI Winner)

RI Inhabitant:
brittyxx (9th voted out, 6th out of Shushu)
PizPaz (10th votes out, 7th out of Shushu)
RI Challenger:
BENLINUS (Didn't do Final Challenge, 9th out of Shushu
UltimateBBFan (Lost Final Challenge, 10th out of Shushu)

19th: slushpuppy123 (BANNED)
18th: Dane_Williams (QUIT, 3rd out of Kyuushu)
17th: jbrtek (BANNED, 4th out of Kyuushu)
16th: BenBen (1st voted out, 1st out of Kyuushu, didn't do 1st Duel against macken)
15th: macken (2nd voted out, 2nd out of Kyuushu, didn't do 1st Duel against BenBen)
14th: wesleythebeast (3rd voted out, 1st out of New Kyuushu, didn't do 2nd Duel against Gojira)
13th: BLACKEYE459 (4th voted out, 2nd out of New Kyuushu, lost 3rd Duel against Gojira)
12th: Bolet36 (5th voted out, 1st out of Shushu, eliminated in 4th duel for being off for 4 days, 1st Jury member)
11th: iangavin (REMOVED, 5th out of Shushu, 2nd Jury vote given to Tengaged)
10th: Gojira (7th voted out, 3rd out of Shushu, in double elim with Tataki, didn't do 5th Duel against Tataki13 and jl7895, 3rd Jury member)
9th: Tataki13 (8th voted out, 4th out of Shushu, in double elim with Gojira, didn't do 5th Duel against Gojira and jl7895, 4th Jury member)
8th: jl7895 (6th voted out, 2nd out of Shushu, didn't do 6th Duel against Britty, 5th Jury member.)
7th: Endo360 (11th voted out, 8th out of Shushu, lost 7th Duel against Britty and PizPaz, 6th Jury member)

Tips, rules and stuff.

I am VERY strict with inactivity, so you better be active if you want to play.

No vote = self vote, also no vote change.

If you are off for at least 5 days, I'll have to remove you from the game. Same goes for if you get banned.

You do not need to roleplay but I encourage it. If you roleplay often, it will help your chances of getting drafted for All Stars.

I have a crap load of twists planned, so I guarantee this game will be EPIC :D

There will be two HII's in the game, one for each tribe. Winning tribe and one person from the losing tribe will get a clue to the idol. The clues will point to a player (in the real Survivor), and they will be very vague. Once someone gets the idol that tribe will not get any more clues to it.

You get one guess at the idol every three days. If you're wrong.

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Yay Imma True Winrar :D
1 postCreated by PizPaz on 4613 days 11 hours ago
Last post by PizPaz
4613 days 11 hours ago
May just say I won this -_- lol
2 postsCreated by BENLINUS on 4629 days 10 hours ago
Last post by bingo21
4629 days 8 hours ago
Welp I guess this isnt contuninung Peace OUT
1 postCreated by taylor112399 on 4630 days 20 hours ago
Last post by taylor112399
4630 days 20 hours ago
Is this going to continue??
6 postsCreated by bingo21 on 4645 days 16 hours ago
Last post by Endo360
4641 days 9 hours ago
Spam Thread
19 postsCreated by TheGreat on 4685 days 20 hours ago
Last post by UltimateBBFan
4655 days 6 hours ago

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Survivor: Japan

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